Give Your Child a Head Start in Learning

*Learning Resources provided me with the Robot Mouse Coding Code & Go Activity for review, all opinions expresses are my own. It’s no secret that a large part of my day is spent in the world of technology, which is why I am so excited to have kids who are getting involved in the exciting world o … [Read more...]

The Ultimate List of Games Every Family Must Have

There is nothing like family game night, especially when it comes to some frugal family fun. One of our favorite holiday traditions is that we get a new family game every year. We do grab games at other times, too, especially when there is a great sale, but with the tradition we know that we will … [Read more...]

How to Build a Relationship With Your Young Child

Are you looking for some ideas on how to intentionally build stronger relationships with your young child? I’ve got 10 essential tips that are both easy and so effective. Building relationships is living intentionally at its finest, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to do. While b … [Read more...]

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week 12/4

It has been a fun and BUSY week for me in everything including my home here. There has been lots of exciting things going on here and on social media, and these are the things that have been keeping readers busy as the most popular posts this week! 20 Unforgettable Holiday Traditions Your … [Read more...]

The Holiday Gift Guide of Books That Every Mom Must Have

It's holiday gift guide of must have books for moms who are looking to be more intentional in their roles as a mom. As you may already know, I am a book fanatic. I almost always have four books going at one time on varying topics, and each one addresses a different need. That way, I can … [Read more...]

Amazon Deals to Check Out Today – Seinfeld, Batteries, Binders + More!

Alright. So I've been keeping an eye on Amazon for a few things I need yet and I spotted a few pretty amazing deals I wanted to share today. Prices on Amazon do go up at times, so to get the best price grab these deals early if you want them! Just click on the pictures of the products! (this … [Read more...]

How to Clean Nasty Window Tracks Using One Simple Trick

Are you tired of looking at all the gunky nastiness in your window tracks? It is amazing how fast they can collect this ugly specimen of ickiness, isn’t it? The window tracks I will be cleaning today are from the sliders that are in my dining room, which means they are exactly what I look down at … [Read more...]

20 Unforgettable Holiday Traditions Your Family Will Love

Traditions within a family are always so much fun, but I think there is something so special about them during the Christmas holiday season. Here are 20 amazing traditions that your family will absolutely love. Over the years we have come to embrace new traditions while still holding fast to some … [Read more...]

How to Set New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually KEEP!

Have you noticed this? I think as soon as the last Christmas gift is opened, life becomes focused on the new year and all that comes with it - including resolutions - but what about making some resolutions that you can actually achieve? I love new beginnings, a blank slate, having a do-over of … [Read more...]

Cleaning Schedules, Tips & Hacks~Includes a FREE PRINTABLE!

Cleaning is just part of life, but wouldn’t it be nice to clean quickly yet effectively, and only when things actually needed to be cleaned? As a busy mom, it can be so hard to find the motivation to clean when I actually do have the time. If only I had all the cleaning schedules, the best hacks, a … [Read more...]

I Love My UPS Drivers!

I have been waiting for this delivery all day!!! I will admit that I may have been lurking around my front door so that I'd know the INSTANT that the little brown truck was rounding the curve on my street! All of a sudden I could hear the roar on the engine of that brown truck (I might be … [Read more...]

Patience in the Wait

Have you ever had to have patience in the wait? You know, those times when you know that the road before you is going to be incredibly long and incredibly treacherous, however, there is nothing you can do but walk through it one agonizing step at a time. (this post may contain affiliate … [Read more...]

6 Quart Professional Mixer Just Over $200!!!! Hurry!

Wowza!!!! This is the mixer I have had for eight years, and even I paid much more. This thing tackles everything, and believe me, it takes a beating in my kitchen with as much as it gets used. As someone with a huge family and who makes everything from scratch, mine truly does two three times the … [Read more...]

The Five Most Popular Posts This Week 11/27

It has been a fun and BUSY week for me in everything including my home here. There has been lots of exciting things going on here and on social media, and these are the things that have been keeping readers busy as the most popular posts this week! The Black Friday Sale I'm In Love With The … [Read more...]

Are You Running on Empty? Here are 10 Signs to Watch For

Your calendar. Your planner. Your daily lists. Your short term and long term schedule. These are all such important ingredients in living an organized and decluttered life. If an organized and decluttered life is what you desire, here are some warning signs that you’re headed in the wrong d … [Read more...]