How to Clean Nasty Window Tracks Using One Simple Trick

Are you tired of looking at all the gunky nastiness in your window tracks? It is amazing how fast they can collect this ugly specimen of ickiness, isn’t it?

The window tracks I will be cleaning today are from the sliders that are in my dining room, which means they are exactly what I look down at when I’m eating. Maybe this is what makes me kind of crazy about them being at least somewhat clean.

Whether it is dust, pet hair, food, or dirt from the dirty rain that makes its way there, it doesn’t take long for window tracks to look this way, especially in my home. With 10 people and two cats to stir around all this dirt, dust, food, and pet hair, there is no shortage of opportunity for gunk to settle here – or anywhere else for that matter.

When you’ve got some nasty window tracks, here’s the simple trick you need to know to make them shine!


Gather these basic supplies:

white vinegar
baking soda
paper towel
rag or cloth
old toothbrush
butter knife

Follow these steps:

1. Start with the baking soda

Sprinkle a little baking soda wherever the gunkiest places are, most likely in the corners. I find it easiest to use a spoon for this.


2. Grab your white vinegar

Pour a little of the white vinegar over the baking soda. It doesn’t take much. Once you’ve poured the vinegar over the baking soda, just leave it. This is how the magic happens!


3. Walk away

The magic can only happen if you walk away. So just leave it there and forget about it for 10 minutes or so. Just don’t leave it for too long or it will start to dry slightly.


4. Grab your toothbrush

Well, not your toothbrush (ew!) but the one you grabbed for this project. Start working all that gunk toward the center of the window track.


5. Remove all that collected gunk

All that nastiness that you just moved toward the center is now ready to be removed. Just put it in a paper towel and throw it away. I saved you from looking at that part.


6. Wipe up what’s left

Wet your rag and use it to just wipe out what little is left in the track, it shouldn’t be much.

7. Grab your butter knife

If needed, use the knife covered with your rag to finish up in the corners. Again, it should be minimal but it could be there.


8. One last wipe

Use your rag one last time to wipe out anything that might be left. The result should be nice and sparkly clean!

9. Admire your handiwork

Now is the time to sit back and admire your hard work. No one will know that you used an amazing trick to get them to sparkle like this.


Really, how easy was that?

When you know this one simple trick, you really can have clean window tracks year round with minimal effort!

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  1. Any tips on getting black off of wood windows?

  2. FarmGranny says:

    I use a shaker top bottle for the baking soda, a squeeze and squirt bottle like a small dawn soap bottle and a bamboo skewer sturdy point for cracks (easier to grab, control location and amount) just a suggestion😁

  3. Also, it is helpful to first brush or vacuum out any dry dust or dirt particles. If this is not done, when the wet cleaning products are added, you will have mud to clean out of the window as well.

  4. I like how simple yet effective your cleaning tips are. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by little things like facing the gunk in our window tracks. But reading your blog tips and methods help simplify the process. It is therapeutic! Thank you.

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