Why Amazon Prime Could Be Killing Your Budget

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I love all things Amazon, I really do. And, I love Amazon Prime even more. I’ve even written about Amazon before a few times. For instance, I wrote about why I always make room for Amazon Prime HERE, and I also compared Amazon with Costco in this post HERE. Today, however, I want to share about a way that Amazon could really be costing you money.

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As much as I love Amazon Prime, it really is possible that being an Amazon Prime member can force you to blow your budget.

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Amazon Prime can be an awesome way to save on all kinds of things since you get free shipping, streaming benefits, access to free books and more. But, it can also be a problem that you never knew you had.

Here’s how Amazon Prime can be killing your budget

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You assume everything is the cheapest you’ll find

Let’s face it, shopping online is really easy. But that easy part can get you into trouble. Amazon does have amazing prices on many things – but not on ALL things. If you assume that they are, you will be paying more for items at times.

You don’t shop around

Again, shopping online is easy. There is something to be said for that. But, if your struggling to make your budget work, you simply must shop around for the things you need to ensure that you’re getting the best value.

It’s so easy

This can be a downside. I think when we pay shipping, we think about the things we purchase for a moment or two longer. That free 2-day shipping option can make it too easy to shop – especially when it comes to impulse buying.

They know how to market

Have you noticed how things that are related to what you’re looking at or the things that you’ve purchased pops up? This is smart marketing on Amazon’s part. But, this marketing can be killing your budget.

You buy things that aren’t what you thought they would be

Shopping online is awesome, but you do miss out on being able to touch and feel what you’re buying before you buy it. I know I have bought things that turned out to be something totally different from what I thought I was buying. Then, I was faced with the hassle of returning it or just putting up with it. I’ve done it both ways. Something can get lost when you can’t see what you’re buying in person before buying it.

Shopping online is my favorite place to shop. Amazon a great place to get your online shopping done. But, just pay attention to making sure that you’re not falling into any of these common pitfalls that can really kill your budget.

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