Do Finances Stress You Out?

Tired of learning something new and implementing for a short time but then losing steam & doing it the "old way?"

  • Is dealing with your finances something you avoid?
  • Are you wanting to control your spending, create an accurate budget, and know all the tips & tricks to save money that others seem to know?
  • Are you tired of not having enough money for the things you want to do?

Hi, I'm Jennifer. My husband and I both work hard to support our family of 10! Believe me, I understand the financial struggle is real!

In 20 years, we've supported our super-sized family on well under $1,500 a month and also experienced years of financial freedom.  

Whether we were experiencing years of plenty or times of great hardship, the bills remained relatively the same. It just became my job to learn how to make it all work.

During the years of plenty we had a bit more spending freedom while also tucking money away for the times when life might not be so easy. During the years when our income was next to nothing I learned everything I could about how to make every penny stretch.

In both cases, the bills still got paid...and we still managed to save something every week (even if it was only $1) so that we are now living debt-free while also supporting our family of 10!

The truth is, everyone wishes they had more money to go around. But as I've discovered, it's not as much about the money you have coming in but more about what you do with the money you have.

Honestly, you can make it work with what you have, it's just a matter of knowing how to make it work for you.

There are so many little things you can do to stretch your income that add up to produce results.

And, these things really aren't complicated, it's just a matter of being let in on the secret. 

Money gets managed either way, it's a matter of whether you are the one to manage your money...or whether you money manages the life you're able to live.

When your money manages your life, it feels frustrating. 

You know you should be the one to take control, but it's just so hard.

And when a loss of income, unexpected expenses, or a huge setback hits, it can be downright terrifying. "What are we gonna do?"

​I've asked myself that same question through tears that just wouldn't stop.

If you find yourself in that place, I can say that it really will be ok.

Managing finances is a matter of determining where you are and what you have to work with.

Dreaming about where you'd like to go in your overall financial picture.

Then, coming up with a plan to connect where you are with where you want to be.

It really is that simple.

There is a way to learn how to make your dreams a reality.

The things I learned in living frugally for more than 20 years are the things others ask me about every single day. 

The things we did and didn't do with our finances that our family and friends thought made us crazy are now the secrets they want me to tell them since we are debt-free...and they are not.

Years ago, my husband and I chose to follow Dave Ramsey's advice and lived like no one that now we get to live like no one else. 

Do you want to know our secrets?

They are all here in How to Be Frugal

With nearly 20 chapters, this ebook is jam-packed with the tips and tricks I learned about spending and saving money.

These are the secrets I used, and still use to this day, that made it possible to own our own 3,500 square foot home (as in, we don't have a mortgage anymore), and these are the same secrets that kept us from going under when my husband came home and said, "I lost my job," without any warning.

Start learning about the little changes you can make right now that will add up to big results over time.


Sure Success!!!! 

Thank you so much for this book. It's packed with sensible information and it's also interesting. I almost read it all in one setting, which for me is amazing. Your work shows that you really care about helping families become wiser with money and everyday living.​ Again, thanks so much."

~Marsha B​

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

Great for a newbie or a more seasoned budgeter.

This is a great book for anyone wanting to live a more frugal life. It is easy to read with very practical steps to begin saving in a variety of different ways. There is also great advice on how to take advantage while avoiding the pitfalls of "reward" or "bonus" programs. This is a great starting place for just starting to live and budget for themselves or for a seasoned person wanting to make some more budget-conscious choices."

~Amy Donaldson

John Doe
UI/UX Designer

Ready to get on your way to financial success?

Really, living isn't about waiting to create the life you wish you had, it's about making the most of the life you have now. 

Grab the ebook that will show you step-by-step how to make simple changes in making the most of the life you have now while working toward the future of your dreams.

It truly is possible!​


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Jennifer Roskamp
Creator of How to Be Frugal

About the Author

Jennifer Roskamp is passionate about helping busy women live with intention and purpose in everything they do. 

A busy mom of 8, Jennifer lives just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, although her heart truly longs for the beach!