Thursday’s (or Friday’s) Walk in the Word

Whoa! Yesterday was such a busy writing day for me I didn’t get the Walk in the Word Up.  Sorry!  I knew it was Thursday, at least most of the day ;) I will admit I am so focused on the fact that it is going to be 70 degrees here today that I have been a bit distracted. Of course next week there … [Read more...]

Reader Question (that means please chime in and help me)

In working through my weekly spring cleaning project, I am really hesitating on washing the blind in my office. I have the thick wood blinds throughout my home, which I would never do again by the way, and they all need to be cleaned. Again. At times I give them a quick once over, but this is the … [Read more...]

Progress is being made…

I'm making progress on my weekly spring cleaning project, are you? … [Read more...]

Free Ebooks!

925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire: So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World by Thorpe, Devin D. (2012) Paperback Pinch Like You Mean It! 101 Ways to Spend Less Money Now Microwave Meals Like a Chef: 50 Quick and Tasty Recipes That you Didn't Know … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

  To spoil or not to spoil?  I think it is easy to see which side of the argument we fall on ;)  Actually, I've been on both sides.  I think it was about child four when I figured out how fast they grow, and from that point on, I, and now we, just savor every precious moment we have. How … [Read more...]

The Calling of Homeschooling

People come to homeschooling in different ways and at different times.  For some it is in response to something their child or children experienced in school, and for others it is more of a calling. For me, I knew I wanted to homeschool before I even had kids.  Not because something horrible … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals

Crystal, over on Money Saving Mom got her goals up yesterday, but I do enjoy posting mine so better late than never, I say. Our week was busy cleaning and sanitizing again, but by the weekend we were ready for a birthday party with three of our kids.  Finally!  Our oldest had been waiting for … [Read more...]

Monday’s Walk in the Word 4/13

Today's Bible Verse Proverbs 6:6 Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! We will  be focusing on this verse this week because I am having trouble finding my motivation to get the things done that need to get done.  Maybe it's the dreary weather, maybe it's the busy weekend, … [Read more...]

Free ebooks!

  Even if you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon has reading apps that allow you to read kindle books on any device whether computer, tablet, or phone!  Prices do change on Amazon, but as of right now these are free.   How To Get Motivated To Clean, Spring Cleaning … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Since I’m just keeping things real around here, I am sharing pictures of my lovely cleaning project this week.  My office.  Such a disgrace, I know.  How can I even work in it, you may ask?  Well, I can’t.  Not like this, which is why this has come to the forefront. My office is such a … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan 4/12

Need help making your own menu plan? Read here and here for how I make mine.  Many of these recipes I find while on Pinterest, you can follow me on Pinterest here if you wish - I've got lots of treasures there. Breakfasts: Monday:  ham and cheese breakfast enchiladas Tuesday:  ooey-gooey … [Read more...]

My Trip to Walgreens 4/12

Remember how I talked about clearance things here?  Today was an even better day for this.  I was so mad yesterday because I had to send my 5 year old son to baseball practice wearing his good jeans because that was all I had at the time. Imagine my delight when I found Hanes sweatpants on … [Read more...]

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

Grown up grilled cheese?  Yes, please!  It doesn’t matter how often we eat these, my kids love them each and every time. The things we have on hand vary to some degree, but there are elements that are always there. For this recipe you will need: a heartier type bread.  We usually use … [Read more...]

Being An Intentional Mom

[Read more...]

Free eBooks!

 Even if you don’t own a Kindle, Amazon has reading apps that allow you to read kindle books on any device whether computer, tablet, or phone!  Prices do change on Amazon, but as of right now these are free.   Easy Recipes for Back to School: A short collection of recipes from the … [Read more...]