Under Construction: A New Series

  I wanted to give you a heads up on my next series.  I’m gathering some questions and struggles from newer moms with a young child or children.  Life is far different than it was 14 years ago when I was a young mom, so the struggles that the young moms of today face could be a bit different … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

This is my Giggly Girl in the midst of command central.  Excuse the state of my office, but you know, keeping it real. Anyhow, we rotate kids who get "special time" with mom in the evening, and although it was not her turn last night, she was needing some extra love, come to find out. Since I … [Read more...]

Thursday’s Walk in the Word

Who can't use more reminders about being bathed in God's grace?  I know I can.  This is one of my favorite verses, and it reminds me that it is His grace that makes me strong when I feel weak.  It reminds me that we can use our struggles to glorify Him, even in the midst of great trial and … [Read more...]

Recipe: Cupcake Frosting

So I'm gathering some recipes together for baking this weekend.  We try to take care of most of that on weekends so that there will be enough sweets to get us through the week.  I don't know about you, but I love a good cupcake, and to me, it is all about the frosting, really. I'm not a sweet … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

As our younger kids get older, I find they are more eager to help so they can be more like the older siblings they idolize.  Of course this means that my younger kids are doing older kid things at a much younger age than the older ones ever did.  I realize this is just the way things tend to go, but … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

For me, as I have become more focused on being intentional in my life, especially when it comes to my kids, I see so many opportunities that I may have otherwise missed.  I can't really focus on all those missed opportunities, I just don't need to feel that guilt, and there is grace to cover that, … [Read more...]

Consider Yourself Warned!

Kids helping is necessary in making family life tick for the most part, at least it is around here anyway.  If you spend any time here you will certainly find that as a theme throughout the majority of what you read. Helping develops skill, creates a sense of responsibility and a sense of … [Read more...]

Monday’s Walk in the Word

Since we are beginning to see the first signs of spring, I thought it would be good to be reminded that there is a season and a time for everything.  When trials come, I often remind myself of this.  They will only last so long.  I tell my kids this all the time, too.  No matter what we are facing, … [Read more...]

Menu Plan

I wanted to add a slight disclaimer.  As I spoke of here, we have some type of bread item at every meal to help stretch the family budget.  I generally don’t list that, because I am not sure of what bread item I will have in the house at any given time.  I am forever making some sort of bread item, … [Read more...]

My Trip to Walgreens

Actually, this week my first trip was to CVS.  They had some great deals today, and I had some Extra Care Bucks that were going to expire.  *Frugal tip, don't let your rewards from various stores expire---it's the same thing as throwing money down the drain.  Not that I would know anything about … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

A little food for thought... … [Read more...]

Prayer: A Gentle Whittling

Prayer does not come easy for everyone, myself included.  It can seem awkward at times while at other times my mind seems to just be blank, but it is a necessary discipline.  Discipline seems like such a hard word because we equate it with punishment, but it s a discipline in that it is something we … [Read more...]

Homeschooling: A Series

I am working on getting this post to you, but in all honesty, I am fighting a migraine and I find myself rushing through it just to get it done since it is the last day and you expect it.  However, I really don't want to do that.  You deserve better.  This is one of the most overwhelming aspects it … [Read more...]

The Promise of Spring

I have spoken before of my frugal journey to not using my dryer, but today is a huge milestone.  Although hanging everything inside over the winter was a new experience this year, I have been hanging things to dry outside during warmer weather for as long as I have been married.  Maybe because my … [Read more...]

Resources We Love – Character

I think many parents are interested in reaching the hearts of their children and in shaping their character, homeschooling or not.  This is a vital part of our school day.  There are numerous books and resources out there, I will just share a few of our favorites.  Character training really does … [Read more...]