Being an Intentional Mom

A little food for thought... … [Read more...]

Prayer: A Gentle Whittling

Prayer does not come easy for everyone, myself included.  It can seem awkward at times while at other times my mind seems to just be blank, but it is a necessary discipline.  Discipline seems like such a hard word because we equate it with punishment, but it s a discipline in that it is something we … [Read more...]

Homeschooling: A Series

I am working on getting this post to you, but in all honesty, I am fighting a migraine and I find myself rushing through it just to get it done since it is the last day and you expect it.  However, I really don't want to do that.  You deserve better.  This is one of the most overwhelming aspects it … [Read more...]

The Promise of Spring

I have spoken before of my frugal journey to not using my dryer, but today is a huge milestone.  Although hanging everything inside over the winter was a new experience this year, I have been hanging things to dry outside during warmer weather for as long as I have been married.  Maybe because my … [Read more...]

Resources We Love – Character

I think many parents are interested in reaching the hearts of their children and in shaping their character, homeschooling or not.  This is a vital part of our school day.  There are numerous books and resources out there, I will just share a few of our favorites.  Character training really does … [Read more...]

Thursday’s Walk in the Word

Today's verse focuses on being wise.  Something we talk about in our family all the time. Proverbs 10:8 The wise in heart accept commands, but a chattering fool comes to ruin. This stems off from something that I often remind my kids of, parents correct their children because they love them. … [Read more...]

Special Delivery!

I love getting packages in the mail, who doesn't I suppose.  Today I received the panties I spoke about here.   Although this is exciting all on its own, who doesn't like free or better than free stuff (here's hoping one of my secret rewards cards is worth more than $10 to make them better than … [Read more...]

Being an Intentional Mom

Today I was an intentional mom by celebrating my girl's birthday with surprise pedicures for she and I along with my mom. It was a first pedicure for all of us.  Obviously I am not one to splurge on this sort of thing since I am 40 and have never done it, but it was such a special time for the three … [Read more...]

Homeschooling: A Series (Part One)

One of the common questions I hear of busy moms of young children who are thinking about homeschooling is what to do with the younger ones while homeschooling the older ones.  I am happy to help with some ideas that have worked for me.  I am now on a full school day for my fourth child, and my fifth … [Read more...]

Precious Moments Amidst the Chaos

This.  Moments like this is why I wouldn't trade my life even when I come home from running errands to find two children who need diaper changes in the worst way including one who needed a bath, the ingredients I needed for a recipe that I thought I had when I in fact do not have them, the house in … [Read more...]

Monday’s Walk in the Word

Today's Verse Hebrews 6:12 We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised. As we spend a week focused on the basics of homeschooling, I wanted today's verse to focus on the diligence of homeschooling both on our part and … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday!

We have a birthday in our family today.  Birthdays are special days, and the way we spend them has changed through the years as the family has grown and needs have changed.  However, birthdays are always special days. When we had just three little kids who were all fairly close in age, we usually … [Read more...]

Weekly Menu Plan

Breakfasts: Monday: ooey-gooey goodness bread Tuesday: pancakes Wednesday: cereal Thursday: oatmeal Friday:  blueberry and donut muffins Saturday: puffed pancake Sunday: cereal Lunches: Monday: mac and cheese Tuesday: sandwiches Wednesday: hot dogs Thursday: bean … [Read more...]

My Trip to Walgreens

This week on my trip to Walgreens I spent a total of $37.20 out of pocket after taking into account the coupons, Register Rewards and bonus points that I earned.  Again I made my list from the deals posted on Hip2Save. This is what I came home with: 8 packs of Smile paper plates 12 packages … [Read more...]

Sunday’s Inspiration

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