5 Things I Love This Week

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5 things I love this weekWhat a week it has been. With a sick hubby, tons of kids’ activities, and grocery shopping that had to be done by me since hubby was sick, my plate was overloaded. However, I did manage to take the time to savor a few things this week.

Finding five things I love has really been a great exercise for me. I have begun taking the time to really pause more throughout the busyness of my days. It takes a little bit of practice, but once you have done it for maybe a week or so, it really does become a habit. I watch for something that makes me smile or laugh, and I pause there. I drink in the moment, I savor it, I put it in slow motion.

Here are my five “pausing” moments that I have loved this week.

1. My kids. There are times that being a mom challenges me to my core, but since we had our son baptized this week I was again reminded of what a blessing being a mom truly is. I know there are those who long to become mothers and who are not moms yet, there are moms who have buried living children, and there are plenty of moms who pray for their prodigal children to come home. Today, I am thankful that I do not have any of these storms to weather and that I have been given such an incredible blessing times seven.things I love

2.  Fun times. Our week was packed with fun this week. There is always fun to be had, but this week there was just more. Our summer activities are winding down, so we are just trying to cherish them to the fullest.things I love

3. Air conditioning. It has been a hot one here this week. Because I love summer like I do, it has got to be really good and hot for me to turn on the air conditioning. I really don’t mind sweating in the summertime. Maybe it is because we spend so much of the year shivering and wishing it would be warmer, but I really don’t mind the heat. But this week I as so thankful for air conditioning when we need it. It has been a life saver.

4. Amazing medical care for both the people and the animals in our house. This week we received medical care both for a human and for a cat, and in both cases, relief came soon after treatment. I know there are countries where medical care leaves much to be desired, but I am so thankful for the best medical care in the world.

5. Pets. Sometimes being a pet owner is a major inconvenience to me, but this week with a very sick cat I have learned to appreciate being a pet owner once again. We have the most wonderful cats. We have two, and they are so sweet, gentle, and social, and now our sick one is acting himself once again. While trying to get to the bottom of what was wrong we thought the worst, but I am thankful that the worst is not what we are dealing with. I am thankful that it is something that was treatable. Pets have enriched our family so much.things I Iove

What are you thankful for this week?

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