Disclosure Policy

My purpose in owning and operating TheIntentionalMom, LLC is to help you find the hidden meaning in your life while sharing personal accounts of how I do the same in my own life.  I also share ideas that may be of value to you regarding homeschooling, running a large family, living a frugal and healthy lifestyle, and increasing your physical, spiritual, and emotional growth among other relevant topics.  My goal is to inspire you to be your best each and every day as this is what I, too, strive to accomplish.

Running a blog such as this has increasing costs associated with it such as owning a domain name, paying server costs, and purchasing various design and necessary elements that keep the site running smoothly while looking its best.  This means that at times when you click on a link that I provide to a product or to a download whether free or otherwise I may be earning a small fee from the manufacturer or company.  I also accept paid advertising on my blog and provide affiliate links within a blog post at times.

Please be assured that the links I provide are for products or services that I feel you will benefit from, and will therefore not post a link to something that I would not purchase for myself.  Due to the nature of this blog, many of the links are to products that I have purchased or do own and have personal experience with.  It is also with my readers in mind that I accept opportunities to write an underwritten post, series, or giveaway and will do so only when I feel it will be beneficial to you as the reader.

Similarly, the thoughts, views, and opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone, and I always do my best to speak from the heart with honesty, integrity, and sound moral principle.  I realize that you may not always agree with the things that are expressed here, but the uniqueness we each possess is what makes us all human.

The Intentional Mom, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

If there is a time that you have a problem or concern, please use the contact from to share your thoughts with me.

This policy was last updated on September 3, 2016.