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Easy Corn on the Cob

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Primarily because of memories from my childhood, nothing says summer to me like a meal of BLTs and corn on the cob. Again because of when I was a kid, these things can primarily only be eaten together in my mind. Isn’t that kind of silly?


If you know me, you would know that I love corn on the cob. I once had a corn on the cob eating contest with a friend, and I don’t even remember who won, but I know we each ate more than 20. It was quite fun. Interestingly, my obsession is only for corn on the cob. Corn already off the cob doesn’t appeal to me nearly as much. I know, I’m strange.

My favorite way to eat corn is when it has been boiled in water. If I have the time, this would always be the way I would make it, however, with the number of ears we have to make in order to feed our entire family, husking the corn just takes FOREVER, which is usually more time than we have.

So, I went in search of easier methods. This is what I found, and it includes a link to a video to watch with it.


I will admit that when I saw this, I was skeptical. I wasn’t really sure it would work. But, it does work. There is no time spent husking, and there is little to know mess as well since the silk stays contained.

Sometimes if you have a really thick or large ear of corn, it will take longer than 4 minutes as the recipe states. If it seems on the large side, keep it in for 5 minutes instead.

If you take it out and discover that it is not cooked as you would like it, you can wrap it in plastic wrap and then microwave it for longer.

This corn is so easy and tasty, too. It will be a family favorite!

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