Five Things I Love This Week 9/25

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I have been posting five things that I have loved each week for a while, and it is something that I love doing. It forces me to slow down and take notice of things along the way each week, and I always find that I have trouble narrowing it down to just five things.

If you have never tried this before, I highly recommend it. We can so easily remember all the things that went wrong in any given week, but it is remembering what went right that is such a blessing.


My girls brought me up some treats while I was having “a moment” in my room by myself. It had just been one of those days. One daughter brought me a candle and some flowers, another brought me a brownie in a mug with ice cream and chocolate chips, and another brought me her freshly lost tooth. The tooth really was meaningful as we had been struggling with it all week. Of course her sister was the one who finally got it out!


Kids who really love each other. I still say this is my favorite part of being a mom!


Snuggling with Little Pea who was feeling under the weather. There is nothing better.


Teaching child #6 to read. Homeschooling is exhausting at times, but it truly is a privilege as well.


After having things from the basement dispersed all throughout the house, we are slowly getting things moved back where they belong. This week I reclaimed much of my room. I still have my old dining room light fixture and a few other random things there, but hopefully this week those will get moved out, too. It is amazing what having my retreat back has done for me this week.

What have you loved this week? Share in the comments!

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