How to Nurture a Heart for Learning in Your Child – Descriptive Thinking

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how to nurture a heart for learning in your childPreschoolers are generally too young to be interested in worrying about “adjectives,” but they can participate in a describing words exercise. This provides the building blocks for descriptive writing as well as building observational skills, creative thinking skills, and vocabulary building.

This exercise is very simple, but it can get to be fun if your child ends up being goofy.

This is the way it works. 

You simply build a sentence and have your child fill in the blanks. Here are some ideas to get you started, or you can create your own.

The tree in my backyard is _____________________.

I love my dog because he is_______________.

Some day I want to drive a_________________car.

The sun is __________________.

I like ice cream that is ___________________.

I think _______________books are the best.

I think pigs are _________________________.

When I grow up I want to live in a __________ house.

I think flowers are ____________.

The park is ____________.

Asking kids to describe the things around them in greater detail will build their vocabulary skills and get them used to thinking about things in greater detail. Use these sentences or build your own, asking your child to fill in the blank in describing any noun in your sentence. Creativity breeds more creativity and will give them a great start in being successful writers some day.

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