Personal Life Coaching

Do you long to get your life on track but are struggling with putting that into action? Does living a life of intention sound wonderful but out of reach?

Do you have trouble knowing where you’re headed? Do you struggle with narrowing down your focus for the next weeks and months?

Is time management your issue? Do you feel as though you flitter about your day, never really capturing the moments you’re given but feeling as though your life is running you?

Maybe you’re really good at coming up with the target you’re shooting for in terms of goal setting but coming up with the plan to get there never quite happens. Is this your issue?

At the end of the day, are you left feeling that you’re burning the candle at both ends while just spinning your wheels, never gaining any traction, only to get up and do it all again the following day?

What about your finances? Do you struggle with getting them in order? Creating a budget? Coming up with a picture of where you’d like to be financially in six months, a year, or five years? Do you struggle with really learning how to save money?

Is parenting your struggle? Do you just need a listening ear from another mom who is in the trenches with you? Maybe you’re struggling with a particular issue with your child and need some fresh ideas about how to work towards overcoming it…is this you?

What about homeschooling? Are you in need of homeschooling guidance or help? Recommendations, organization, planning, or something else homeschool related?

Friends, you know me. You know of the things that I love helping others with whether it is through blogging, writing books, creating e-courses, leading Facebook groups, or sharing on live social media accounts. The things I’ve listed above only cover a small portion of what I am passionate about helping others work through.

If there is something that you think I can help you with on a more personal, one-on-one level, you are not alone. This is something I have commonly been emailed about from others just like you.

In answer to these requests, I have come up with a plan, since you know how I love plans…

I can interact with you on this personal, one-on-one journey as your Intentional Living Coach. Think of it as a blog post or a broadcast on Periscope or Facebook Live come to life and just between you and I. It is as your Intentional Living Coach that I can help you achieve an intentional life as I have. 

Obviously my space to offer this service is somewhat limited as there are only so many hours in a day, but with only three spots taken at this point there is still plenty of room as I can take up to ten Intentional Living Seekers a weekend.

What does an appointment with Jennifer as your Intentional Living Coach look like? 

Each appointment includes:

~coaching calls are done via Skype on the weekend at a set time that is agreeable to us both

~each call lasts for one hour in duration

~an email correspondence either the Monday or Tuesday prior to establish what you would like to cover during your appointment. That way you are getting the best value as we have the groundwork laid ahead of time and I can come to our appointment prepared for what your areas of concern are. In the case of previous appointments, this email correspondence will also address your progress made since the last coaching call

~three additional email support correspondences given on an as needed basis for questions throughout the week following the call

Cost for a stand alone appointment: $50

Cost for this service prescheduled and pre-billed on a monthly basis (a one month commitment): $180 per month (a $20 savings)

You can also choose from the following packages to be billed on a monthly basis:


~all of the things listed above

~unlimited email support for questions throughout the week

Cost for this service prescheduled and pre-billed on a monthly basis (a one month commitment): $199 per month 


~all of the things listed above

~unlimited email support for questions throughout the week

~a 30 minute Skype appointment mid-week to touch base, discuss progress, ask questions, and get some motivation

Cost for this service prescheduled and pre-billed on a monthly basis (a one month commitment): $225 per month

Looking to save some money? For each paid monthly referral, you will save 10% on your services for as long as they are pre billed for a monthly package! Just have them let me know that you referred them.

Ready to get started? Email Jennifer at [email protected] to start living your life intentionally!

And, you can save even more money if you purchase a service between now and next Friday, July 15, 2016. If you schedule either a one time appointment or a monthly package, you will save 20% for either your stand alone appointment or your first month’s package!