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Are you thinking about starting a blog? Does the thought scare, overwhelm, or worry you?

Before we really get started, I do have a certain group of readers who I share information about blogging with via email. If you want to be one of them, click on the link below. It’s totally free.

Just go HERE to read more about how I support my family of 10 through the income I earn right here on the blog. 

Ok, let’s move onward.

Maybe you’re not sure what starting and running a blog whether for fun or for profit entails. If you did, maybe you wouldn’t be so unsure about what to do.

I know exactly how you feel, and I felt that way for two years before I finally made the leap and started this very blog. And not long after I did, this became my office view for much of this past summer.


Pretty nice.

Actually, I had a blog way back in the day before anyone even knew what a blog was. It was more than 10 years ago when I had my first blog, but the blogging world was drastically different back then.

After a couple of years life got busy, and the blog fell along the wayside.

Since then the Internet world has drastically changed, and along with that came the blogging world.

I always loved blogging. It was kind of like a journal for me. It was a way to share my heart and to connect with people who are also too busy to connect face to face on a regular basis.

And I so missed that part of it.

Equally exciting was learning that blogging had morphed into a way that people can actually make a little bit of money.

With a large family to support, I was excited at the idea of being able to make a little extra money by doing something that I loved. I was so eager to learn more about how I could actually get paid to fulfill my passions of writing, connecting with others, inspiring people, and earn a little extra money to help make ends meet.

And so, the blogging seed was planted. And then…I sat on it for two years.

Life was busy, but the primary reason that I sat on it was because I was scared, overwhelmed, and completely uncertain since I was not at all a tech savvy person.

Like I might me the most un-tech savvy person you could ever meet!

Then I stumbled upon, and I mean stumbled upon, something that helped me take the leap. And it was then that I realized that how you start a blog really does matter…and I wanted to do it right.


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This thing that I stumbled upon? It was Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy. I had read her book, How to Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul, and already knew that she knew what it took to run a successful blog since she had been doing that very thing for years. After having read her book I also had an overall feel for the game plan of how to run a profitable blog.

After reading some of the testimonials and seeing all that her course has to offer, I jumped, and it was the best jump that I’ve ever taken in my entire life.

I worked my way through the course slowly with the end target in mind. Making just $1,000 a month with my blog. That was my goal.

I had no idea that within six months of finishing Elite Blog Academy, I would actually blow that goal out of the water, and, I’m now one of the featured success stories of EBA.

In November of 2016, I went out to Seattle to take part in the teaching and filming of EBA 3.0 (coming in February of 2017), and it was amazing. This course was amazing before, now it’s just over the top amazing.

These days, less than one year after completing Elite Blog Academy, I am earning the bulk of the income that I use to support my family of 10 from my blog. I have a part-time writing job as well, but I the bulk of the money I use to put food on my table from earnings from my blog while my husband is in full-time school.

The thing is, I’m really not any different than you. My story could be your story. But really, it starts with getting on the list with EBA so you’ll know what’s happening when. Do that HERE.

If you are wanting to start a blog and are looking to earn any kind of income from it, the money you invest in this course will more than pay for the course many times over. It’s just a matter of taking the leap.

If you’re willing to put forth the monetary investment, the time investment, and to work hard, you could end up supporting your family, too, and it most likely isn’t as large as mine 😉

You can only purchase the course once a year, so now is the time to get on the waiting list for when registration opens. Otherwise, you run the risk of not getting a spot.

The best thing? You can grab a really cool freebie from Ruth by clicking below. It lays out an amazing blueprint of how this whole blogging thing works.



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