Five Things I Love This Week 6/12

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I have been posting five things that I have loved each week for a while, and it is something that I love doing. It forces me to slow down and take notice of things along the way each week, and I always find that I have trouble narrowing it down to just five things.

If you have never tried this before, I highly recommend it. We can so easily remember all the things that went wrong in any given week, but it is remembering what went right that is such a blessing.


Playing dress up. I admit that I have a slight addiction to it when I accused my older daughters of being the only ones with the problem.


First off, I apologize for the sideways picture. My computer will NOT keep it turned the right way. This is my haul from CVS this morning. (3) 12 packs of Scott toilet paper, (2) 9 pack of Scott paper towel, (2) Loreal conditioner, (1) Loreal hair product, (4) Almay eye shadow (4) Almay mascara (1) Physician’s Formula mascara…all for just $45. If you need help with this sort of thing, you should check out my e-course, How to Be Frugal, in the left sidebar. I can teach you this and so much more!


This may look like a huge mess, but I am actually almost done switching out EIGHT kids’ clothes from winter to summer. I share how I do this in my post from earlier this week, 5 Different Methods For Attacking Clutter. I am SO excited to be bear the end of this clutter project!


Shoe shopping with my Sweet Girl. Just the two of us. It was great.


Morning snuggles this morning. There really is nothing better!

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