30 Ways to Tell Your Kids [I Love You]

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In a world where kids are bombarded with negativity from around every corner, as a parent you can do so much to overcome that. With so many negative voices that tell your kids they don’t measure up, they aren’t good enough, they’re too (fat, thin, stupid, sensitive…), as their parent you can make sure they know they will always have your unconditional love and support. “How can I tell my child I love them?” If you find yourself asking this question, you’re not alone. Words of affirmation are one super powerful and creative way you can make your child feel loved. As a mom of 9, I’ve come up with some pretty creative ways to tell your kids, “I love you.” And, there are some pretty simple steps you’ll want to make sure you follow so your kid will not just know they are loved but feel they are loved, too. 

Yay! We have the list of ways to tell your kids you love them in printed form. Download it, print it off, and choose a new phrase every day! Just tell us where to send your list!

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Here’s how to use our list of ways to tell your child “I love you”

how to tell your kids I love you


Get on their level

Look your child in the eye, especially when you want them to really hear you. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they say, and I think they are right. This means you’ll need to be on a level where you can see their eyes. With 9 kids from 19 down to  2, I know just how much better kids listen when you talk to them on their level.

Look them in the eye as you tell your child you love them

As mentioned above, true communication is much more than words. Your eyes will show your child the true emotion you have in your heart. When you look your child in their eye, they will feel your love.

It’s even important to look your child in the eye when you need to reprimand them or explain things to them in a way they will understand.

Looking someone in the eye is the best way to communicate with anyone.

Use a calm voice

This one goes without saying, but even if you’re feeling awkward, stressed, or frustrated, your kids will hear you better when you speak in a calm and gentle voice.

Take their hands

Healthy physical touch takes what you say to a deeper level. There’s a connection that happens when you take your child’s hand in yours. Even with teens, taking the time to just take their hand for a moment as you affirm them is so worth any awkward feeling you may have. And, it does wonders for filling your soul, too.


There is nothing more calming than a genuine and warm smile. A true and genuine smile can put your child at ease and make them forget about the trials of their day.

Tune out your surroundings

Tune out your surroundings so you can truly just focus on your child and this moment. With a house full of 11 people there is no shortage of noise and craziness much of the time. But, when I want to make sure my child hears me I make sure we’re in a quieter place so we can just focus on one another.

Use a natural follow-up

When using words of affirmation to tell your kids you love them, follow those words up with something that feels natural and makes sense.

For instance, you might say:

  • I just wanted you to know
  • Thanks for listening
  • That will never change
  • I don’t tell you these things enough
  • I need to make telling you these things more of a habit

Choose one of these or come up with one that feels better to you. But, anytime you use affirming words with your kids, choose a relevant follow-up that brings the conversation to a close.

Have a variety of affirming words on hand

Having some things in mind ahead of time makes it much easier to just say them. This is exactly why we created the list of affirming words you can print right off.

words of affirmation for kids

They are perfect for all ages, and it takes the guesswork out of knowing what to say.

Make sharing words of affirmation a regular thing with your kids

Life is busy. It’s so easy to take things for granted – including the people in your life. And, let’s face it, sometimes our kids don’t seem so lovable.

But, one of the most important things you can do as a parent is make sure that your kids know you love them all the time, no matter what, and both now and in the future.

Sharing words of affirmation with your kids is a simple yet powerful way to do this.

You can’t protect your child from all the negativity they likely experience every day. Things like bullying, cyber bullying, the constant comparison of social media posts, unattainable expectations, and more are just part of the world your kids are growing up in.

But, you can be their protection from all of that. You can be sure they know they are loved – by you all the time.

Share these words of love with your kids today!

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