15 Things to Keep Your Family Safe From Coronavirus [From ER Nurse]

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The world is abuzz with all things Coronavirus. It seems you hear about Coronavirus spreading, Coronavirus deaths, and even state of emergencies being declared in various states here in the United States. As a mom of 9, there is nothing that scares me more than thinking about viruses invading my home since a good virus can take our family out for weeks. But, there is no reason for panic. Coronavirus safety is important, however. There are simple things you can do to be proactive so that your family will be safe from the Coronavirus, Or, at least increase your chances of keeping your family healthy and safe from the Coronavirus. These Coronavirus safety tips are a must read!

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This list of things to clean and sanitize in your home are things I’ve found to be essential in keeping sicknesses like colds and the flu contained or eradicated altogether. These are things you can get done fast, too.

Have kids home from school with the Coronavirus?

No worries! As a homeschool mom of 9 with kids home all the time I’ve got you covered!

Read this post HERE for ideas of how to keep your kids busy at home during the Coronavirus

Here are 15 quick & easy things you can do to keep your home and family safe from the coronavirus…from the wife of an ER nurse

keeping family healthy from Coronavirus From ER Nurse

Clean doorknobs, light switches & handrails daily

These are things that are commonly touched, so they can easily spread any virus. Pay special attention to cleaning the door handles from any exterior doors since these are touched by family members returning home. I give each of my three boys a sanitizing wipe and assign each of these jobs to each boy.

Clean your cell phone

This is a good thing to clean each day, but this is especially important after you get home from being out. Chances are you’re using your cell phone while you’re out and about. This passes any virus or germs that may be on your hands from public surfaces onto your phone. Therefore, by the time you get home from even just one or two places, your phone can be covered in germs and viruses of all kinds.

Sanitize your hands every time you get in your car

Keeping with the above theory, your hands are just plain germy when you’re out in public. When you touch your steering wheel, those germs are just lingering there for the next times you get in your car.

You can do this with a wipe or some simple sanitizing spray. But, sanitize your car steering wheel before you touch it…after sanitizing your hands, of course.

keep family healthy from Coronavirus

Clean your car handles

When you get home, it’s a good idea to give your car handles both inside and out a good wipe down. It would also be smart to clean anything else you touch from window switches, door locks, etc.

Change clothes when everyone gets home to stop the spread of germs

As the wife of an ER nurse, I cannot stress this enough. With 11 of us at home, my husband comes home from work and walks straight to the shower, no passing go, no collecting $200. This is a must for my husband, but when trying to keep your family and home clean and safe from the Coronavirus, have everyone change into clean clothes when they get home.

What happens when you sit on the seat at Starbucks (or whenever else you may be)?

You spread those germs onto your couch, your dining room chair, or your kid’s bed among anyplace else you may sit if you’re wearing the same clothes.

This is something we do pretty much all the time in our family during cold and flu season.

Wash clothes on hot if possible

If your clothes can tolerate it, wash your clothes on hot. There is some debate about whether or not this really makes a difference. But, in my mind, I want to do everything I can to keep my family safe from the Coronavirus.

I’m willing to pay for the hot water in case the theory is actually true.

laundry system

No sharing cups, utensils etc.

This is smart advice for anytime, really. But when trying to stop the Coronavirus from spreading, it is important to be diligent in this area.

As with most sicknesses, you’re actually contagious before you show any symptoms, which is why this is so important.

Eat at home to avoid the Coronavirus

I know, I know. It’s hard to get a meal on the table. But since you put food into your mouth, that makes it the perfect carrier for germs of all kinds.

When eating food not prepared by you, you’re susceptible to the health of those making your food…as well as anyone in the place where you food was made or served.

If eating out, you’ve also touched the same things everyone else in that place has touched including handles, tables, chairs, soda machine, card machine…and on and on.

In order to keep your family healthy from the Coronavirus, just eat at home.

You’ll save money, too, which is a nice bonus.

Send kids with hand sanitizer & teach them to use it

Make sure your kids have hand sanitizer to use outside of the house. Teach them to sanitize their hands many times a day, in addition to before eating, after using the bathroom, or any other time they use a door handle.

Wash & sanitize hands before all meals

Again this is just good hygiene, but diligence here is the name of the game. Washing your hands in hot water AND using hand sanitizer before eating any food even in your home is doing what you can to keep your family healthy.

Clean remotes to get rid of Coronavirus or flu germs

Also a commonly touched thing in most homes, give the remotes a good wipe down every night. This doesn’t take much time, but it can make a huge difference in stopping the spread of germs of all kinds.

Keep your hands to yourself while in public (+ anytime)

Good advice all around here. Pay special attention to this when you’re out in public, but even at home this is good advice. It’s amazing how many times most people touch others. Of course I’m not promoting isolation, but this is a good time to give a good air five or air fist bump rather than shaking hands or something similar.

Think about just keeping your hands to yourself in a proactive way.

And, teach your kids to do the same.

keeping family safe from Coronavirus

Pour your food

This is something I have been very careful of as a large family mom. This means don’t stick your hand into the bag of chips. Pour them onto your plate instead. Remembering that you are often contagious before you even know you’re sick, this is a smart move.

Use utensils to serve food

I know it’s easier to use your hands in many ways. But, rather than putting shredded cheese on the pizza with your hands, use a spoon. Use spoons or tongs for salad and salad toppings.

You get the picture, right?

Don’t touch your face

It’s amazing how often you touch your face without even thinking about it. If at all possible, try to catch yourself and just touch your face less. Avoid putting your fingers in your mouth, use tissues all the time, and use a tissue or even toilet paper to rub your eyes if you must.

Teach your kids the same thing.

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