Monday’s Inspirational Reads – Book Club Chapter 2

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First of all…yes, I realize it’s Thursday while we are dealing with a post called Monday’s Inspirational Reads, but I want to keep things simple and just refer to the chapters we are reading as Monday’s Inspirational Reads. That way, readers will always know that this is the book club post. Make sense?

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Now, with that technicality behind us, let’s move forward. If you’re new here, this is the book that we’re reading, and you can feel free to pick up a copy and join in. We read only two chapters a week, so you’ve got plenty of time to get started and caught up since we are moving at a slower pace. Here’s the book:

You’re Going to Be Okay: Encouraging Truth Your Heart Needs to Hear, Especially on the Hard Days

I really hope that you have been enjoying this book as much as I have.

Upon reading chapter two, I was reminded of what I’ve learned while walking through the valleys in my life. These are the things that I generally don’t see while I am there, but they are the things that become clear to me once I get on the other side.

It is always so amazing how these valleys seem so endless when we are in them. However, I think this is what makes the victory so great once we get on the other side. Don’t you agree?

When I look back at the hard times I’ve been through, including the ones that really aren’t all that big, I can see how I always feel like I have nothing in me while I am there. For this reason I find the desert analogy so fitting for me.

There are times when in the midst of trials I feel as though I have nothing, but somehow I always find that I do have just enough. I find that I have just enough…which sometimes means that I only have enough to get through one moment at a time – quite literally. There are times when I feel completely depleted, but I find that I somehow, especially when I have my wits about me and can remember to pray for strength for just one thing, I have enough to do just that one thing.

For example, there are times when in the midst of a hard time that I have to tell myself that all I have to do is get dressed. I can feel like I don’t have enough to even do that, but it is so amazing how God often gives me enough to just get dressed.

That’s it.

After I am dressed I might feel depleted, but then I find that God gives me just enough to do the next thing that comes after that. I can look back and see that in those times, God gives me just enough for each individual step – and that’s it.

And what’s really interesting…is that having just enough really is ok.

Although it’s not always easy in the moment, I’ve learned that in hardship I will always have just enough. It’s also interesting that it would never seem like enough outside of that moment, but in that moment the “enough” is just that…simply enough.

I have found this chapter to be such an encouragement to me, and I hope that you have, too.

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