Amazon Deals, Kitchen Goodies, Balance Bikes, and FashionScarves + More!

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Daily Deals are always amazing prices, but for that reason they can go FAST, and prices on Amazon can change as products sell. Some of these are Lightening Deals, which go super fast so be sure to check that out.

hot deal alert

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72% off on this tv today!

Love these earrings!

84% off this leather tote

What a beautiful Easter dress!

Better Homes at $.42 each!

This is the best magazine for kids, homeschooled or not. Kids love learning from a magazine!

Balance bikes have had my youngest 2 riders riding within an hour!

75% off this scale

This is cute!

My kids love this series. It’s like Diary of a Whimpy Kid

These are 81% off and get great reviews!

This is one of those random things that ends up being a sweet deal!

20% off this Lego set today

Love these too!

Great price for swaddle me

Posting this one for my sister…she was just looking for one of these 😉

These are awesome because they lock

This is a really great kit to have


How nice would this be?!

This is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, and I paid full price!

These are so colorful!

This would make a great gift item for that person who has everything!

These look awesome. Mine are so old!

These are awesome prices on scarves!

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