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Be a New Mom By Tomorrow!

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As an expectant mom as well as a mom to seven other children, I can say that being a mom is completely exhausting at times. We are on call for all hours of the day and night for the most part, and our days are filled to overflowing.

Then, we get up the next day and do it all over again.

Can I just say how wonderful it sounds to be a new mom by tomorrow?

new mom

With my oldest child, who is now 15, I can say that being a parent is very front-loaded. When our kids are little, we pour out, we give out, we train, we correct, we provide, we nurture, we meet all of our young child’s physical needs, and do we even need to make mention of the messes?

So, if you are a mom of littles, I know how exhausting your days are, and I am tired just thinking about the many hats a mom to a little kid wears.

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