Check Out the Curling Wand My Daughter Has Been Lusting After! ENDING SOON!!!

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I am so excited about this deal I can hardly stand it. My daughter has been going on and on about this curling iron (wand) ever since some friends told her about it earlier this year. Of course she is a teen, which means that I am always hearing about something or another that so and so told her about, which means that now she has to have it, too. Luckily my daughter is on board with our frugal lifestyle, at least most of the time, so she is usually pretty easy to deter when these things come along.

nume 5:28

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However, this curling wand has been a bit different as she continues to mention it here and there. Not to mention that we continue to share a curling iron, which can have its pitfalls!

This weekend the price is finally low enough that I was able to get one for her. She just had a birthday, but I guess it will be an early Christmas present since the sooner she gets it the sooner I can have my curling iron back!

The curling wand I got her is made by a company called Nume, and they have a ton of curling wands, irons, straighteners, hairdryers, and amazing products & more. As a hairdresser I can say that there is nothing like Argan oil. If you’ve never tried it, you must, especially if your hair is in any way dry or difficult to manage.

nume 5:28

Here’s the deal.

NuMe is having a Memorial Day sale, and their prices are the lowest I’ve seen. NuMe is kicking off this holiday with two incredible flash sale offers.

Starting now, all of NuMe’s professional curling wands will be only $28, which includes ANY 25MM to 32MM Classic Wand or Magic Wand for this exclusive offer. (Original Price: $139-$149) This means you can save over 80%. See why I jumped on this offer?! I cannot wait to try it out, and yes, I will be trying it as well!

The second flash sale is that NuMe is offering any styling set for $88 with free shipping, which also includes the Octowands (regularly priced at $300!!!) These sets look really cool. I may have to take advantage of this sale before the weekend ends. I haven’t quite decided yet.

*Both offers expire on Tuesday, 5/31/16 PST Midnight

To take advantage of the curling wand sale:

To take advantage of the sale on sets:

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