Five Things I Love This Week

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With the busyness of the past couple of weeks, I think I missed 2 or 3 weeks of this Sunday night post, and I’ve missed it! It is such a great way of reflecting on finding the special parts of the week no matter what else happened.

Here are 5 things I love this week!

things i love

My work buddy

There are times that I could not get through the long days without this little boy. He’s with me during my morning office hours, and then sometimes for a few minutes during my afternoon office hours, too. He reads, he talks, he smiles, he doodles, he plays Thomas on the kindle. He just brightens my day.

things I love

My hubby

As much as I hate all the crazy directions that life pulls me in, I’m thankful for a hubby who spoils the kids the same way I would if I were at home. While I was at swimming with a couple, he was home making french toast for breakfast with all the rest.

things I love

This planner

It has streamlined my life and decluttered my head since everything goes in here. I cannot express my love for this enough. Truly.

things i love

These pajama pants

My kids got me these for Christmas, and I love them. With this itchy rash pregnancy thing that I have, I could live in these pants. They keep me from itching as much.

things i love

This sunrise

We so rarely see the sun in Michigan during these winter months, so being able to witness a sunrise is even more out of the ordinary. This is the view I had one morning while working. So often I am lost in what I’m doing, that I’m so glad I caught this very moment. Had it been just a couple of minutes later, I would have missed this exact scene. The picture does not even begin to capture the color. It was truly amazing!

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