10 Secrets to Making Date Night a Priority For Married Couples + Free Printable

If you are married, having a date night with your spouse is so vital to keeping the excitement alive in your marriage, but finding the time isn’t always easy. With eight kids, two working parents, and other responsibilities, I know firsthand that the struggle is real for my husband and I. In fact, … [Read more...]

Refresh & Restore Your Mom Heart

You guys! I have what might me the most exciting news that I’ve heard in a very long time. Like maybe all year. I know you are going to find it exciting, too. There is a conference coming up in just over a week and it’s just for us moms…and it’s FREE. That’s right, you can attend this … [Read more...]

25 Frugal & Free Date Night Ideas

Are you looking for some free or frugal date night ideas? Wanting to have a night out with your sweetie but on a tight budget? If childcare is your issue, I've got some great ideas for date nights in, and I even tell you how we've gotten free childcare without having family around! Date nights … [Read more...]

15 Father’s Day Gifts (written by a father of 8!)

I think we can all agree that sometimes it can be so hard to buy gifts for guys that aren't a tie - the ol' standby! I know men often say that women are so hard to buy for because we already buy ourselves the things we want and need, but I would argue that the opposite is true. Can I get an Amen … [Read more...]

Creating a Master Bedroom That Is a Relaxing Haven

Having a master bedroom feels like a relaxing haven is like a dream to me. This could be because I live with so many people and have only one space to call my own. This could also be because it's where I go when I just need to "have a moment." While the other areas of my home are important to me, … [Read more...]

25 Great Conversation Starters to Share With Your Spouse

So, you've made date night a priority. You've looked forward to this time out together for days or weeks. But, now that you are here, what in the world do you talk about? Of course talking about the kids and maybe even work are easy things to come up with, but what about having a deep and meaningful … [Read more...]

It’s a Contest – and YOU Can Win! ENDS TONIGHT!!!!

Who doesn’t love a contest, right? Especially when you can win something that is life-changing! I am all about contests, and as an overachiever, I often come out on top when I play along ;) I have just laid out my roadmap for this very blog for the next year, and there are so many exciting places … [Read more...]

The Mom Conference Starts In 1 Week! Refresh, Learn, Grow

The other day I invited you to join me at the mom conference in Refresh and Restore Your Mom Heart. But you might be asking, "WHAT IS THE MOM CONFERENCE?" Here's what it's all about. (this post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no cost … [Read more...]

Keeping Marriage Hot…Even When You’re Busy!

 The fact that two innately selfish human beings are attempting to live together in harmony while embracing the peaks and valleys that come their way is quite an interesting phenomena indeed. Marriage is so very interesting. Then, throw into the mix things like jobs, raising kids, family, … [Read more...]

How NOT to Be Brangelina – Marriage Tips to Keep it Together

Did you hear the news this morning? It’s all about Brangelina and how Brangelina will be no longer. They are calling it quits, which although is newsworthy, apparently, it’s also so heartbreaking. I have always loved them because we have a large family in common. They with their six kids, and us … [Read more...]

5 Roadblocks to Being an Effective Listener in Your Marriage

Did you know that there are certain roadblocks to being an effective listener, and, if you bring these roadblocks into your marriage, you may be headed for trouble over time? It is true. While engaging conversation is an important part of marriage, do you know what it takes to be a good … [Read more...]

My Favorite Marriage Books

Recently I've received quite a few emails regarding my favorite marriage books. As someone who loves to read, I have more than enough to choose from, and it was hard to narrow it down, but I did narrow it down to my favorite 15. Some of these are books that I read way back when I was first … [Read more...]

How to Help Your Husband When He’s Struggling With Life

*this is a guest post from Sarah Ann of Faith Along the Way It was the end of a long week when he slumped through the front door; defeated by the weight of the world. The twinkle had vanished from his eyes and his smile seemed forced and weak. Usually vibrant and joyful, my husband looked worn … [Read more...]

The 10 Books That Have Shaped My Life

I'm often asked about the books I read. Many of you know me as a reader, and so it is a question I am often emailed about. In all honesty, it is a question that I have not been wanting to answer, simply because it is so hard for me, and the list I came up with could be so overwhelming because I … [Read more...]

What Getting Ready For Vacation Really Looks Like

Ahhhhh. Vacation. Is there anything better? I think if I were to answer that question, it would depend on when the question was being answered. Maybe life in your home is like life in my home can be with preparing for vacation being just a wee bit stressful. I don't know what it is, but things … [Read more...]