How to Find the Positive Side to Quarantine [During the Pandemic]

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As I write this, it’s been a while that we’ve been following social distancing rules, and maybe even stay at home orders like we are here in my state. Life is different. Life may even be hard, and these changes may even be bringing great hardship into your life. We’ve felt some of it, too. Among the most common challenge we’ve had is that our family has had a total of 6 birthdays during this time – and not been able to do anything fun or get all the gifts we needed. It’s not a big deal by any means, but it is something we’ve dealt with. My husband is also on the front lines as an ER RN, and so he’s been working nearly round the clock. Again, not a huge deal, but it’s affected us in this way. We’ve also had trouble getting the food and supplies we need, and with a limit of 1 or 2 on milk and other essentials, we’ve been doing to the store pretty much on a daily basis. Maybe you’re doing school at home, out of work, struggling with everything that’s now missing or has changed in your life. These are things we’ve faced, too, and they’re hard things. But, I wouldn’t be The Intentional Mom if I didn’t seize this day, and help you do the same. There is a positive side to the pandemic quarantine, and I don’t want you to miss it.

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While we are going to be talking about the positive side of the pandemic, I always want to acknowledge that this time can bring hard things to the surface. And you might be a family like mine with an essential worker who is actually putting in extra time. But, even in these situations, it’s important to find something to learn.

find the positive during quarantine

So, here’s how to find the positive side to quarantine during the pandemic.

Also, if you would like to watch a video about this, I created one below!



Step One: Take an inventory of your time during this quarantine pandemic

  • How have you been spending your time during these weeks of quarantine?
  • What have you had more time for?
  • Who have you been able to spend more time with?
  • What different things have you tried?
  • What have you had to give up…and what positive has this brought into your life?
  • Take some time to focus on your money

Step Two: Where have you saved money?

It’s likely a give and take when it comes to your money. I’m spending more on different groceries, paying more things, and paying for things I don’t normally pay for. But, like me you’ve likely saved money on gas and all those impulse buys you may do without thinking.

  • What have you learned you can actually do without?
  • Frustrations aside, how has your emotional mood and feelings been different?

Here’s what I think we should all challenge ourselves to do, starting right now and planning for moving forward.

You and I need to think carefully about what we want to bring back into our lives. In so many ways, this quarantine time during this pandemic has forced us all into a hard and fast reset. There was no easing into it or, “I really should cut back some day.”

Like me, your way of life practically changed overnight.

But, I think right now before we are all forced back into our old roles we should carefully weigh the person we bring back into each of your roles.

It’s so important to think about what you may have discovered about what’s important to you, and what’s not.

Start with reflecting

During this time I encourage you to sit down and really reflect. Take the time to answer these questions and whatever else you may think of – on paper.

The easiest way to do this?

Look back at your old schedule

If you keep a planner or calendar, look back at it. Use that to really look at your old life and look at what might be more optional, even if at the time you never thought of all those things as optional.

finding time for you with kids at home

Think about these things in regards to how you want to live life going forward

  • What do I want to make more time for?
  • What do I not want to bring back into my life?
  • Are there things I want to let go of?
  • How can I make more intentional time a part of my life?
  • Maybe, how can I be more involved in my kids school responsibilities?

Then, reflect deeper on this time of quarantine during this pandemic

  • What did I learn about myself?
  • Have my values changed? How?
  • Have my priorities changed? How?

Spend some time thinking about you favorite memories during this time

Think about what your favorite memories have been. When did you laugh, smile, or feel at peace or content?

Don’t forget about the things you’ve learned about managing money

It’s likely that you’ve changed your spending habits some. As a money coach what I hear people say all the time is that they can’t afford something.

But when you’re forced to change how you manage your money, it’s often something you can do to at least some extent going forward.

My husband and I didn’t become debt free because we made a ton of money, we had normal jobs – even minimum wage jobs and only one income for several years.

We became debt free using the skills I teach people every day – and that is intentional spending.

It’s likely that you can afford more than you think you can when everything you spend outside of your required expenses (not necessarily the expenses you willingly take on) is intentionally and carefully weighed.

The reality is this…

Unless you have unlimited money, you have to do the same thing I do. Choose where you want to save money or spend less over there so you can afford more on these things over here.

pandemic quarantine

Your challenge during this pandemic quarantine

See this time as an opportunity to learn more about yourself….and the person you want to be. Use this time as a springboard to more intentional living.

Life has always been about what you make of it. But, you’ve finally been given the time you need to really get focus on where you’ve been, who you are, and where you’re going.

Don’t waste it.

Work through these thoughts and questions now before all the demands on your time get thrust back into your lap.

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