My Shopping Trip To Walgreens

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Today I went to both Walgreens and CVS, and although I didn’t get a lot of stuff, I did very well with what I did get.


At Walgreens, most of what I got were things I needed, but they were a decent price. The macaroni and cheese was a good price that I stocked up on just a bit at $.79 a box. I spent $28.05 and came home with:

  • bleach
  • 2 packs of paper plates
  • their imitation of Clinique Happy perfume (some of their imitations are just bad, but this one is really great in my opinion)
  • 24 boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese (including the Thick ‘n Creamy variety!)


At CVS I did get things that were on sale and used a coupon to actually make money on the deal. I made just over $3.00 and come home with

  • 2 bottles of 18 ounce Purex booster crystals IMG_3622
  • 4 packs of Tena panty liners

Did you score some deals today?

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