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Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

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weekly spring cleaninWant to take a closet/dresser challenge with me this week? Here’s how it works. In order to not be overwhelmed, let’s only take on three closets and dressers (if your kids have both, but only focus on three people in your family this week). As you can see, mine are in a very sorry state so three will be plenty for me.

In all fairness, my kids’ closets and dressers do not always look like this, but this is what they look like when we get to this time of year when the weather goes from cold to hot and kids start rifling through their out of season things to find what they want. I always hate it when I can’t get ahead of them to avoid this problem, but it seems to happen every year. I suppose it is because we go from 30 to 80 in a matter of a few days.

This is what I have found to work easiest when dealing with clothes everywhere so this IMG_3632is how I will be tackling my spring cleaning project of three closets/dressers this week.

  • One closet at a time, take anything that is a mess or out of season out and just throw it all in a pile. IMG_3626Do the same with that child’s dresser drawers.IMG_3631
  • Sort through the pile to determine what will still fit for this summer.
  • Fold those clothes and put in the closet and dresser.
  • The things that won’t fit get set aside to go into storage bins.
  • Now you should be left with only winter things.IMG_3628
  • Sort through to see what will still fit next year and put all but a few of these things away for next season.
  • The things that won’t fit go into storage bins.
  • The things thIMG_3627at will fit get put up high in closets (or wherever you store them) since they won’t be needing them.

Feeling overwhelmed? Me, too. But, I need to just get started since getting one closet/dresser out of the way will give me encouragement to keep going.

Are you with me? If you’re feeling brave, leave a comment and say you’re committing to three closets/drawers this week.



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