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My Office View Can Be YOUR Office View!

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We have had the most amazing summer, and I will tell you more about that in the coming weeks, but part of what has made this summer so amazing is the flexibility that we’ve had to just go.

Yesterday we went to the beach, and yes, I worked from the beach. We took the most beautiful pictures, too, I shared some of them on Instagram. I love documenting our family adventures there. You can follow me on Instagram here. 

We have been gone more than we’ve been home, and we’ve been gone having fun for the most part. My husband only worked 40 hours a week on average rather than 70, and I have a job that I can take anywhere. I simply pack up my computer and can work while on the road or from wherever it is that we have gone for the day whether park, playground, or the beach.


If you want this view to be your office, did you know that blogging is a great way that you can make that happen?

my office view can be your office view

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I know what’s coming next because I hear it all the time…”You can really make money blogging?”

Yes. Yes you can.

My only regret is that I didn’t start my blog sooner.

Why didn’t I start my blog sooner?


Fear of how to do it, fear of what to do when, fear of having a blog that people actually wanted to read, and fear of failing.

I sat on that fear for two years, which I am so sad about.

Because I don’t want others to sit with all of those questions and uncertainties as I did, I’m sharing with you the bridge. This was the bridge that took me from my fear of jumping into my dream and that dream becoming a reality.

And this is the bridge.

Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy.

 Ruth’s course is how I went from no page views at all to nearly half a million page views in 18 months!

Whether you want to earn a little extra money or become your own boss in a full time job you love, this course is just what you need.

I actually have an entire email list that is devoted to sharing about my experience with this course as well as about some of the knowledge I have learned about blogging. You can sign up for that right here…

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And yes, you can earn money blogging. In fact, you can even support a family of 10 on what you can earn blogging.

Want my office view (and yes, this was my office view for much of this summer)? Do this:

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