The Best Game Storage System Ever!

Is finding enough storage space for your games a challenge? With kids who cover a large age range, we have an enormous amount of games, which is why I needed to get a bit creative in how I store them. First, I looked for game storage ideas, but I didn't really find any. So, I knew I was on my own to … [Read more...]

Income Tax Filing Made Easy

In honor of the year coming to an end, it's time to start thinking about taxes! Although I don't love thinking about taxes, it has gotten easier since I put forth the time and effort to learn about what to keep and what not to keep as well as easier ways to keep it all straight. I am excited to … [Read more...]

Why I Make Lists and Why You Should Too

Are you a list maker?  I am a list maker by nature, and for good reason. When it comes to the lists I am addressing here, it is more than just a daily to-do list, however, as these lists actually accomplish more than just what I need to do in a given day. Let me show you what I mean, and let me tell … [Read more...]