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How Many Times Will You Get Back Up?

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Life. It is so unfair sometimes, isn’t it?

It is amazing how many times you can watch others experience good in their lives while your life seems to be drenched in hardship much of the time.

It can feel as if the deck is stacked against you at times while family and friends seem to be continually given a killer hand.

“When will it be my turn?” you ask.

I wish I had an answer for you, but I don’t. In fact, I don’t even have an answer for myself when I end up asking this question over and over again.

Sometimes it can feel as though you’ve been patient for so long…years even…only to find your remove being tested again when the road turns again, which you know will require more patience.

“How long must I keep doing this?”

At times a crystal ball would be so nice because I think trials would be so much easier to endure if we only knew where the end is.

It’s when I come face to face with yet another trial, another heartbreak, another time that salt is poured in old wounds that I remember this:

 knocked down

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