5 Things I Love This Week

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If you are a reader here, you know that Sunday means it’s time for me to reflect back on the week I’ve had, sharing with you the things that have impacted me most.

I have gotten back into the routine of office hours, which means that I’ve had more time to plug into my life away from working. It’s so amazing how easily life can pass us by if we don’t reach out and grab it! finding things to savor during the week is a great way to do that. I’ve even said “no” to more things this week, which also has been much needed.

I like to think about finding five things to be thankful for as taking prolonged snapshots in my mind, because that is exactly what I do when I discover something that I know I will want to reflect on.

With that being said, here are my five things this week.

5 things I love this week

The amazing people at Walgreens. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated the people in the pharmacy at Walgreens this week. The people at CVS were greatly helpful a month or so ago, and the people at Walgreens were just as helpful this month. I will be addressing frugal things on my Periscope broadcasts this week so I will cover what they have done to help me, but they have gone above and beyond to help bring my prescription costs way down this month. It has been truly amazing and unexpected. The help the people at CVS and at Walgreens have provided me over the past six weeks will save me close to $2,000 every year.

5 things I love

Watching my son play football. This is his third year, and he finally has the confidence to actually play this year. He has grown and is no longer the little guy on the team so his confidence allows him to really get in there and play. The thought of head injuries still terrify me, but if he’s going to be out there, I guess I prefer him engaging rather than trying to outrun the game.

5 things I love

Watching my kids interact with one another. You know how sometimes certain things they do just melt your heart? There have been several this week, and I have savored every one of them!

5 things I love

This coffee. I just discovered it at Aldi! It is something I only have for a treat since it’s more money than just a regular cup of coffee, but on days when I feel I’ve earned a treat, it is so good. You really should check it out!

5 things I love

The sun. During halftime at my son’s football game I was able to catch a quick nap in the sun. It was wonderful. I could just drink these moments up. Winter is fast approaching, and I need to drink in these moments!

What did you love this week? Feel free to share in the comments! 

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