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8 Ways to Be a Better Mom

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If you are looking to be a better mom, there are some things you can do every day, or at least most days, that will help you be the mom you want to be. These things aren’t hard, and some take only a few minutes to do. Our work as a mom can be so hard sometimes, but there are things we can do to make our work just a little easier.

Let’s face it, being a mom is hard work, and there are days that we just don’t get it right according to our own standards.

If you start to feel like your day has been off track, try some of these 8 ways to be a better mom.

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1. Start your day out right

I have spoken of this before, but it will be beneficial to repeat it here in this context. I am fairly good at doing this, are you? One key to making this work is making sure that you are not exhausted before your day even starts. I gave some good tips on that when I wrote about getting a good night’s rest.

2. Take the time to unwind at the end of the day

Whatever it is that helps you regain your composure, do that. Maybe it is going out for a walk or run, maybe it is reading a good book, maybe it is working on a crafting hobby that you have, but whatever it is, take the time to do it. If you are busy, I get that, totally, but we can ALL carve out 10 minutes at the end of the day (I just wrote that for the benefit of myself as much as for the benefit of you).

3. Smile

Even if you don’t feel like it. A smile is contagious, even to our own grouchy spirit. If we are the one who is grouchy, we can convince ourselves that life is all good with a few simple smiles. Quick, easy, and oh so good!

4. Develop an energy burning routine on a regulate basis

It can be as simple or advanced as you want to make it, but having some sort of workout is a mood lifter. I have some workouts under the Intentional Life tab, under Fitness Fridays if you are looking for some ideas on what to do.

5. Love on your kids

Even if your kids are driving you nuts, love on them. Snuggle up and read a book, color together, bake something in the kitchen, or just sit a talk, but cover your kids with your undivided attention every single day.

6. Laugh

I took the time to do this with my three year old last night. He is so easy to do this with since he is the class clown who thinks that everything is funny. He loves to laugh, and he is so easy to laugh with. Read something funny, watch something funny, or just do something goofy to a little one.

7. Find a hobby

Oftentimes people think of a craft when they hear the word hobby, but there are so many other things that can be hobbies. Exercising and adventure racing is one of my hobbies, but it can be things like tracing your family genealogy, volunteering in your community, or maybe it’s selling some products you love to earn a little extra money. Hobbies a great way to be a better mom.

8. Schedule down time throughout your day

I do this for five minutes three times a day. I go up to my room, close the door, and just lay down on my bed for five minutes. Sometimes I read a devotional or a quick magazine article, but I stick to five minutes and come out rejuvenated. Just take a few minutes a few times throughout your day – it will make a huge difference!

I think all moms are looking to fulfill this high calling with purpose, finesse, and grace, but I think it can also be more draining than you might have thought it would be. Pick some things off this list and get on your way to being a better mom today!

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