You Still Have Time to Start The New Year Right!

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Don’t forget to join us for the Make Over Your Mornings community group beginning tomorrow!

start the new year

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My goal in challenging you to complete the Make Over Your Mornings course is to get you ready to take on the new year with purpose, with excitement for what is to come, and with a game plan that is tailored to fit your life in the most effective way possible.

I purchased the Make Over Your Mornings course when it first came out, and I have completed it from start to finish three times now, and I gain something new each time. I finish each day in the course feeling energized and armed with a renewed focus to make each day intentional.

I love how Crystal says that this course is not about getting up early but about using your mornings well and that it is for those who feel overwhelmed before their day even starts. If you feel this way as I did, this course puts an end to that. All three times that I have completed this course, I feel like I have a specific focus and purpose to each day.

What we are doing as a community with this course that begins on January 4, 2016:

  • Each day in your email, you will receive a link to the blog post I wrote with my personal reactions to each new day in the course.
  • You will receive an invite to a Facebook group of everyone who is doing this journey along with you. The beauty of this is that it creates ACCOUNTABILITY, and we all know that there is nothing better to keep us on track than having someone (or lots of people) to be accountable to. I will be involved in that community on a daily basis, and I have an amazing group of readers, followers, and people within my local community who are all here to support YOU as you go through this amazing journey.
  • I will also do a daily Periscope broadcast that will be another level of accountability and community to gain wisdom and encouragement from.

In order to participate, you will need to do these things prior to the beginning of this group course, which begins on January 4, 2016:

  • Sign up using the form below to get added to the email list for the daily emails and invite to the Facebook group
  • Purchase the course by clicking on the banner below, it is only $17  $9!!!! and since it is a downloadable product it is yours for a lifetime. It is well worth the investment.

  • Even if you already own the course, fill out the form with your email to join in with the community this time through.
  • Join Periscope if you want to have that added interaction and support by clicking on this link called the Lowdown on Periscope.
  • There will continue to be an invite to purchase this course with a reminder about the community aspect on the left side of this page. Purchase by clicking on that graphic for Make Over Your Mornings anytime, but don’t forget to also come back here to send in you email, OR, you can email me at [email protected] with MYM in the subject line and I can manually sign you up.

If you are looking to be organized, efficient, and purposeful in 2016, this is just what you need. There is nothing better than learning new things, making changes, and embracing challenges along with a group to encourage and help you along the way.

What are you waiting for? Join today by filling in your email below and then purchasing the course!

You can purchase the course by clicking here:


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