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Taking Control of the DVD and Video Game Clutter

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Just like books and magazines, DVDs and video games can quickly get out of control and become clutter. Technology is rapidly changing in these areas, and luckily they are changing into a format that is much more clutter-friendly — digital.

With so many streaming options these days, it has been wonderful because we have so much fewer DVDs that even come into our house.

As far as video games go, we are quite selective, too. As with anything else we bring into our homes, being mindful of having to store these things is key.

I’ve got five things to keep in mind when it comes to managing your DVDs and video game clutter.


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Is it really worth buying or will digital do

We do have our favorites that we play and watch over and over, but we do opt for digital much more often these days. It is more convenient, it is a less expensive investment, and of course I don’t have to find a place for it.

Store them smart

There is so much waste when it comes to the cases that DVDs and games generally come in. I have yet to figure out why this is necessary, so several years ago we ditched all the cases and now store ours in this kind of case. So much easier to deal with and less clutter to store.

Organize in a sensible way

Our movies are separated into two different cases – one for kid and one for older kid and more adult movies. This works great. From there we organize them by category, and they are a breeze to find. Our wii games are stored the same kind of case, and they are also organized by category.

Purge and organize regularly

This is especially necessary if you have kids going in and out of the cases. My kids are notorious for not always being so good at getting these things back in the right place, which only frustrates me when I am looking for something. For this reason, purge regularly. Carefully examine whether you really need to keep all of the DVDs and games that you have. You can generally sell games and DVDs that are in good condition fairly easily. There is no reason to keep ones that aren’t being used.

Have a limited space to store them

Having a limited space available automatically ensures that these things can’t multiply to epic proportions. We only have what fits in the cases. If there is no more room and someone would like to add something new, something must go first. I find that without limits on things like this, it is often a losing battle against clutter.

While DVDs and video games can be a great way for some entertainment, they quickly become a nuisance if they cause too much clutter. Take the time to assess your current inventory, examine how it can most effectively be stored, and then set about getting control and keeping control of it. Being proactive and diligent in keeping a handle on these things will be well worth your time.

This post is based on a chapter in Ruth Soukup’s book, 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life. Grab a copy and join in, or, grab a copy and work through it at your own pace in your own time.

Either way, you will have a clutter free life by the time you work through all 31 days!

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