Creating a Junk Drawer That Works!

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While I think having a junk drawer can serve a purpose, it can quickly cross the line and become a real headache. If you have a junk drawer that is so filled with junk that it isn’t serving any purpose anymore because you can’t find anything in it, then that line has been crossed. For this reason, I think it is necessary to create a junk drawer that helps rather than hinders.

junk drawer

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When it comes to my junk drawer, this is my favorite tool. It’s really designed for kitchen utensils, but it serves my junk drawer well.

There are a few different versions including expanding ones, which also look pretty cool.\

With that being said, let’s get to my tips for creating a junk drawer that works!

Have a way to keep everything organized

This is the purpose that the above organizer serves. If you just throw everything in the drawer every which way without having a way to keep it organized, you will most likely not be able to find anything.

A smaller drawer is better

What better way to ensure that things don’t get out of control? If you have a more limited space, your ability to over-junk will be limited as well.

Have a purpose

Create a junk drawer that serves certain purposes only. Maybe this will be where you keep things like tape, rubber bands, envelopes and stamps, gift cards, and plenty of other things, but the idea is for everything in your junk drawer to have a purpose for being there.

Your junk drawer should not be a dumping grounds

This is something that both you and the other members of your family must adhere to. Avoid your junk drawer becoming a place for you or others to stick things that you or they just don’t want to deal with. Again, you don’t want your junk drawer to be a dumping ground or a holding area, rather, your junk drawer should be filled only with things that serve a purpose.

Dejunk often

Are you sensing a theme as we work through these 31 days of decluttering? I think in every one of our decluttering projects thus far, I have stated the need to declutter or purge regularly to avoid overwhelm. It is amazing at how easy it really is to purge or declutter regularly since the project will never reach epic proportions with it being done on a regular basis. Your junk drawer is no different. Dejunk often.

There is nothing better than having an organized junk drawer, is there? Following these five tips to create a junk drawer that helps rather than hinders will be a life saver!

This post is based on a chapter in Ruth Soukup’s book, 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life. Grab a copy and join in, or, grab a copy and work through it at your own pace in your own time.

Either way, you will have a clutter free life by the time you work through all 31 days!

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