The Five Most Popular Posts This Week 3/20/16

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What a fun week it’s been! Lots of great deals and some exciting new adventures, too! This week continued working on the clutter free challenge, and it has been great. If you are not along for that, you can still join in. You can also take part in our book club.

As usual, it was a busy place this week with something for everyone! Many of the deal posts were actually the most read posts, but since there’s really not anything to read there I just don’t count them.

Here are the Five Most Popular Posts This Week



Helping Children Understand Their Feelings


5 Amazing Tips For Keeping Your Closet Under Control

organized pantry

How Having an Organized Pantry Saves You Money and How to Do It


Why My Husband Jumped Right on Board With Me

homeschool mom

For the Weary Homeschool Mom’s Heart

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