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Is Your Address Book a Hot Mess? Here’s How to Fix It

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My address book. I’m not sure there is anything that was more painful for me to declutter than my address book.

As in many things, I am a paper and pen girl, and I prefer having my addresses in a handwritten form. However, I can say that the state of my address book was pretty bad. In fact, it would most likely qualify as beyond sad.

Maybe by sharing my sad state of an address book, I can help you know what not to do!

Is your address book a hot mess? Maybe this is why…

address book

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  • There are scraps of paper and envelopes with addresses that need to be added falling out
  • It is far from alphabetical order since you’ve added new people
  • At least half of the addresses are scribbled through with new addresses written in the margin
  • Addresses are written in pen, pencil, and markers with absolutely no consistency
  • There are addresses to people you’ve not had any contact with in years
  • Likewise, there are people who should be there who are not
  • Pages are falling out
  • Kids have scribbled on it
  • There is a coffee ring or two on the pages
  • You have addresses stored in different places in addition to your address book
  • You don’t keep your address book in the same place all the time

If you have more than just a few of these issues, here’s how to fix it

  • You may need to do what I did and just start over
  • Choose something that’s the right size
  • Keep it updated
  • Only use your address book for addresses
  • Get some nice pens…I love these

  • Don’t let your kids near it
  • Drink coffee around it with caution 🙂
  • Keep it in the same place so you can always find it

An address book is an essential piece of family life, and it generally falls under the direction of the CEO.

If your address book is a hot mess, maybe my crazy habits can help you identify what the issues with your address book might be.

This post is based on a chapter in Ruth Soukup’s book, 31 Days to a Clutter Free Life. Grab a copy and join in as we work through it together, or, grab a copy and work through it at your own pace in your own time.

Either way, you will have a clutter free life by the time you work through all 31 days!

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