My Trip to Walgreens

What a great trip to Walgreens today! Actually, CVS, too. I haven’t written about my trips to these places in awhile because there just hasn’t been anything worth sharing, but today was a GREAT day! I am not a coupon matching site, in fact, I get my deals from Money Saving Mom or Hip2Save, so you … [Read more...]

50 Smart Tips Savers Know

It seems like everywhere you look, people are talking about saving money. I have had to become a saver out of necessity, especially with such a large family, but saving money seems to be a growing trend these days. I have numerous posts here that speak to many of these ideas in great detail under … [Read more...]

How You Can Score BIG at the Drugstores

I had an awesome day saving money at the drugstores on Sunday. I wrote about things in a general fashion in Frugal Drugstore Treasures, but I wanted to give you an example of exactly what this can mean. If you can make the time to walk the aisles in stores like Walgreens and CVS, you can often … [Read more...]

New Bonus for Subscribers!

If you have thought of subscribing here but haven't taken the time, I wanted to make sure you saw that I am now offering a NEW FREE incentive. It's called Praying Through the Alphabet For Your Child, and it's printable so you can print it off and tuck it right where you need it. Or, print off more … [Read more...]

12 Hidden Places Your Money Might Be Going

So there are numerous ways to save money as I have written about here, here, and even here, but have you thought about some of these less obvious money wasters? Sometimes we can save money simply by getting rid of things we really aren’t using or by paying attention to fees we are paying without … [Read more...]

Frugal Drugstore Treasures

Prior to focusing on really shopping smart by combining sales and coupons, I basically thought that drugstores like Walgreens were a place to go to pick up prescriptions, at least primarily. I suppose over the counter medicines, too, in addition to a few pantry items they may or may not have that … [Read more...]

My Trip to CVS

Not much on sale this week. It's kind of a slow time of year. I anticipate there being better sales next week in preparation for the start of summer/Memorial Day weekend. I found nothing that I needed at Walgreens, but I did pick up a few things from CVS. I didn't plan on getting milk there, but … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Dinner On the Go

Spring and summer in the North means that life can finally take place outside. Whether it is picnics, trips to the park, beach visits, or days spent watching outdoor sporting events, food is almost always involved. If you are headed somewhere that food is offered, it often comes with a hefty … [Read more...]

My Shopping Trip To Walgreens

Today I went to both Walgreens and CVS, and although I didn't get a lot of stuff, I did very well with what I did get.   At Walgreens, most of what I got were things I needed, but they were a decent price. The macaroni and cheese was a good price that I stocked up on just a bit at $.79 a … [Read more...]

Frugal Tip: SnipSnap Coupon App

I just stumbled upon the coolest thing. Maybe you already knew about it, but I did not. It's called the Snip Snap App, and it is free for both Android and iPhone. How it works: It allows you take a picture of your paper coupons and save them to your phone. Then, you only need to show the cashier … [Read more...]

My Trip to Walgreens 3/22

Today my trip to Walgreens was a smaller one since there were not a lot of great deals to be had.  You can find them here.  I spent $19 and some change after taking into account the Register Rewards and came home with: 4 Softsoap body wash 2 Colgate toothpaste 2 aluminum foil (this was not … [Read more...]