Five Things I Love This Week

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Do you ever look back on what you have loved over a one week time period? I had a great week of vacation. Are you like me when it comes to vacation? With all the packing and the unpacking, grumpy kids who are overtired when you get home, and a mountain of mail to go through, I always wonder if it’s worth it. I think if I had unlimited funds, I would pay someone to take care of the prep and then the “cleanup” of vacation. I guess I’ll add it to my list of things I’d spend money on if I were to win the lottery!

All the packing and unpacking aside, I had a great week watching my family have fun together. It’s always so hard on the last day, wishing you could just forget about your “real life” for just awhile longer.

5 things I love this week

Most of the things I loved this week took place while we were on vacation. Here’s a peek at our vacation and what I loved this week.

  • Reading. I actually had some time to do a little just for fun reading. So often I am reading something that teaches me something, but this week, I had some time to read what I wanted to read, just because I love reading.
  • Watching my kids tube. It was such an amazing moment to watch a bunch of my kids all on the same tube at the same time. I actually said to myself, “How lucky am I?!” as they sat all lined up in a row.

5 things I love

  • S’more’s around a campfire. We got completely tore up by the mosquitoes, but it was totally worth it.

things I love

  • Corn on the cob. I have spoken of my love for corn on the cob before, but my father-in-law picked up some corn that just may have been the best corn I’ve ever tasted. It was pure heaven in my mouth.
  • When I got home I had a package waiting for me. It was a travel computer bag that I had ordered. I got a great deal on it and since I always just pack my laptop (my pricey Mac) in with my regular stuff and hope it stays safe, I really needed it. What made this package so exciting to open, was that it marked the end of a six month spending fast for me. Actually, it had been longer than that since I bought anything frivolous, but who’s counting. Other than necessities like shoes for the kids, a gift, or something for school, there has been no money that has left our pockets for anything but bills, food, gas, etc. I will have a post coming next week that talks all about my spending fast.

things I love

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  1. Love that bag and love me some good corn! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself and yes it sucks getting ready but especially the “aftermath” that’s worse LOL.

    1. ugh. Totally. Did you see my scope yesterday when I explained about my injury from having my room covered in the unpacking mess? Classic.

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