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What Friends Have To Do With Your Money

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Friends are great, aren’t they? But have you ever thought of your friends and something that can affect your money? And, this isn’t just about keeping up with the Joneses. With a focus on saving money in out of the box ways this week, I’m almost certain this is a concept you have not thought of before. But, I will show you that your friends really do have something to do with your money.

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When surveying more than 10,000 people, I discovered that the #1 struggle people feel they have with money is overspending. It’s spending money they didn’t intend to spend. It’s spending money they didn’t even realize they were spending.

So, this has been my focus all week…to help you get a handle on overspending that leaves you with buyer’s remorse down the road.

With that, let me show you what friends have to do with your money!

friends money

Click on the quick video below so you don’t end up wishing you knew this money-saving trick!

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