Get a Kindle Fire For Just $39.99!!!! (reg $49.99)

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We are a huge fan of Kindles here, and everyone over the age of 5 has one. They are great for reading, and there are so many book options that are free. I personally love that digital books can’t get ripped or ruined. The actual books in our family are so well loved that they often get to the point of falling apart. There are awesome apps for kids, many of which the younger ones use for school.

kindle fire

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I love a Kindle for me because I can take it to the gym and read very easily while on various equipment since it is small and has no pages to turn.

Whether you have been wanting a Kindle or never really given it much thought, today is the day to jump on it since you can save $10 on a Kindle Fire, making it just $39.99!!!

This price is valid for right now, but I have on idea how long it will last as prices on Amazon are known to rise at any time and without warning.

To find out more about the Kindle Fire, click on the graphic below


Kindle Fire

You can even take advantage of reading an unlimited number of books for just $10 a month by subscribing to Kindle Unlimited.

You can sign up for your free trial by clicking on this link!

If you aren’t wanting to continue the program, just be sure to cancel within that 30 day window. I always just put the date right in my calendar so I don’t forget. Just to be safe, I also set a reminder on my digital calendar 🙂


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