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How to Clean Your Glass Cooktop Stove – Even the Burnt On Food

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Do you know the simple way to clean your glass cooktop stove like magic? And, it uses only two things you probably already have. No expensive or toxic cleaners needed, and this works like a charm to get off even the crustiest of burnt on food. And, you really don’t need to do any scrubbing at all since the cleaners do the cleaning for you. If you’re wondering how to get your glass cooktop clean, this sit tight, it couldn’t be easier!

The truth is, I love a shiny stove, but I always hated spending $5 or more for the glass top stove cleaner. There had to be an easier and money saving way. I’m also not a fan of harsh cleaning

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So, I set about looking for the simple solution to clean a glass stove. And, lucky for you – I found it!

I tried a few different combinations and methods, and I have finally found the absolute easiest and most inexpensive way to get it done.

In my home, there are several people who cook, and some are cleaner than others. In full disclosure, I can be one of the messy ones since I’m often in a hurry when I’m cooking.

Here is the simple way to clean your glass cooktop stove – even the burnt on food!

clean glass cokktop simple

Do you have a glass stove top that looks like this & have burnt on food?

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t take long for my glass top stove to look like this – or worse! Sure, there are stove top cleaners out there, but they are expensive, and could be toxic. If you have a glass stove top in need of cleaning, you can most likely complete this project using things that you already have on hand!

clean stove

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your glass cooktop stove:

Then, follow these steps to clean your glass stove:

1. Start by wiping the surface off with a wet rag, cleaning it of all loose debris and everything you can get off.

2. Wait for surface to dry

3. Sprinkle dry surface with baking soda, especially where the caked on areas are

clean stove

4. Cover the baking soda with vinegar using spray bottle, creating a toothpaste sort of consistency, it will bubble up, which is just what it is supposed to be doing

clean stove

5. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes

clean stove

6. Use scouring pad to work on cleaning up anything that is left behind. If it has really been baked on, you may need a bit of elbow grease

clean stove

7. When everything has been scoured off, wipe up the paste that remains with paper towel


8. Use one clean, dry rag and get it went. Wipe up any of the paste that remains

clean stove

9. Finally, use your second clean, dry rag to give the glass stove top a buff and polish, and voila!!!

You should now have a glass cooktop stove that is clean including the burnt on food!

Not only does this method work well for cleaning up tough, burnt on food, this also works well as a weekly maintenance cleaning method.

As in most cleaning tasks, staying on top of it and keeping things clean proactively is always easier than waiting way too long to clean something.

clean stove

The next time you’ve got a dirty stove, try this frugal, non-toxic, and super easy way of just getting it done.

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clean stove

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  1. I suggest not to use scrubbing pad on your glass stove top because you can easily leave scratch marks. It is much safer if you put on some gloves and use old t-shirt or paper towel.

  2. The cleaner that I use is so strong that I can feel it in the back of my throat so I will be sure to try this, thanks! Does the bubbling not damage the cooker top?

  3. I clean for a living. You can clean a glass stovetop much easier and faster:
    Spray with favorite cleaner and wipe up loose debris.

    Take a razor blade and scrape the stovetop

    Wipe again

    Finish cleaning by spraying w window cleaner

    Works everytime, never scratches.

  4. I scratched mine so bad using baking sofa and vinegar. With a cloth. Ughhh. I like the razor blade idea and think that would be ideal.

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