Have You Ever Just Jumped?

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Have you ever just jumped?

It was mid-September in Michigan when the weather is always unpredictable….will it be summer today? Will it be winter today? You never really quite know.

This particular day in September was part of a week that had very cold temperatures so when I found myself trying to propel my body forward, I was initially taken aback as the water was in the mid-sixties at best.

I was in a sea of flailing arms and legs, people crawling all over top of me while trying to catch a breath not only amidst all of that chaos, but also in the midst of waves that were a foot or better.

What in the world was I doing?

I had given birth only five months earlier and hadn’t even fully returned to my strict workout regiment yet, what on earth made me think that I could complete this triathlon with a half mile swim, 25 mile bike, and five mile run? Nuts. I had lost my mind.


Another time it was early February and it was only six degrees out when we got started. It was only about a half hour into the race when I tripped running downhill through the 18 inches of snow, which sent me surfing down the rest of the hill on my stomach, hands first, and experiencing a tidal wave of snow inside my gloves and down the top of my coat. It was about that time that I thought, “What in the world am I doing?”


What was I doing?

I jumped.


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I’m not talking about jumping in terms of the physical act of jumping. No, what I’m talking about is jumping feet first, without obsessively planning, without giving in to the voices of fear, and without allowing yourself to even give it much thought because if you did, you’d certainly back out kind of jumping.

Let me first say, jumping in to things like buying a house, ending a friendship, pulling your kids out of school…these are not the kinds of things I’m talking about because these and so many more are things that should be well thought out. Much of what we do needs to be planned, needs to be carefully weighed, and needs to have all of the pros and cons taken into account before jumping.

But, there are times when there is little to no risk, when we are just talking about something that challenges us, something that takes us out of our comfort zone, and something that might just change us that we need to just jump.


Because the jump is exhilarating. The jump is what gives us momentum to keep moving forward during the ho-hum days of life when things are just routine day in and day out. It’s the jump that makes us hungry to keep fully embracing the days we’re given.

That jump is filled with fear, excitement, anticipation, adrenaline, and more all rolled into one, and it is something that you just can’t experience any other way.

The jump. It’s so worth it.

So, have you ever just jumped?

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