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How to Nurture a Heart For Learning in Your Child – Math Skills

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how to nurture a heart for learning in your childBuilding a strong base for reading skills is important, and relatively easy to do, but have you given thought to laying a foundation for math skills? You may be surprised to learn about some of the activities that build that base for math. I’ll just rattle off a few to start.

  • sorting activities
  • patterning activities
  • working with measuring tools like cups and teaspoons
  • sequencing
  • basic counting of items
  • collecting things in specific numbers such as “bring me three red crayons”

In greater detail, something kids love to do is to learn things in relation to themselves. One way they can do this is when talking about measuring distances. You can mention that we often measure things in feet, but something that is so much fun than measuring in feet is measuring distances in relation to the height of your child.

How it works:

  • measure and cut a piece of string that is the length (height) of your child.
  • Let them take that string and measure how many Billy’s (or whatever your child’s name is) something measures. For instance, have them measure the width of the living room, the length of the driveway, or the length of their bed.
  • Make sure to show them how to mark their spot with their finger when they get to the end of their string. Then the measuring begins again using their new starting point (which was the end of the pervious measuring using the string).
  • Keep track of the totals with you writing the name of the object and your child writing the number.

Kids can also learn to tell time on a digital clock at a young age. This is developing skills under the umbrella of math.

Starting to create a strong foundation for math can be simple and fun when you know a few things to do. The possibilities within these suggestions really are endless. Have some fun creating an early love for math with your child today!

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