Weekly Spring Cleaning Project 6/8

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weekly spring cleaninThis week’s spring cleaning project will be a continuation of last week’s project for me. My closest had been the dumping grounds for a busy family in its busiest time of the year and it needed some major attention, see?


I did make progress with getting all that stuff off the floor cleaned up, even though I was doing it at midnight last night just to get it done! My week only got busier when my dryer completely broke and although I have written about how I regularly save money by not running my dryer, I had been using it to get most of my laundry done these past few weeks simply because I have not been home to hang out laundry or to take it off. It does look better though, right?!


Now we are leaving for vacation on Friday so there will be no time to get around to figuring out how to fix it since I try to fix things on my own whenever I can in order to save money. Remember when my husband and I fixed our washer earlier?

Anyhow. I will get my clothes switched around for the summer season this week for my spring cleaning project.

I would also like to make a suggestion. I was so tempted to not do anything with this closet project yesterday. In all honesty I was just wanting to sit down and bask in the fact that I survived the past week, but since I had my weekly project written down, I had some extra incentive to at least get part of it done. This is what writing down my tasks does for me…it hold me accountable to getting them done, at least as much as I can.

If you struggle to get the things done that you want to get done, I can’t speak highly enough of writing them down.

Want to share your weekly spring cleaning project?

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