Monday’s Inspirational Reads: Chapter 7

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There are so many truths in this chapter, aren’t there? So many of them were like music to my weary soul. I love this book, and I hope that you do, too.

inspirational reads

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I think the ones that resonated with me most were being reminded that I am not a quitter and also that I’m safe even out of my comfort zone.

First, let’s talk about not being a quitter. 

So often I find that I want to throw in the towel. When the going gets hard, painfully hard, it sounds so nice to just give up. It would be so much easier just to give up, wouldn’t it?

I know the truth is that the things that bring us the most joy and the most reward in life are the things that we work hardest for. It is the walking through fire part that makes the victory so sweet. Of course in many ways victory would still be ours, even if we took the easy way out, but is victory the same then? I really don’t think that it is.

Let think back to Holley’s example in the book. She was talking about having to ride her bike up this grueling hill. In all reality, she could have just stopped when it got to tough, or, she could have even gotten off her bike and just walked up the hill the rest of the way. However, would her spirit have soared as much in either case? I think not.

I think one of the greatest challenges of being human is making the choice to keep going when things get tough rather than quitting. But, once we get through the trial we have always grown because of it…and many times we can even be a little bit thankful for where we’ve been. I wrote a bit about this in Sometimes You Have to Sift Through the Dirt to Find the Gems.

Second, let’s talk about being outside our comfort zone. 

Sometimes if I even think about this concept too deeply it makes me shudder. I love a challenge, and I love working hard to rise to the challenge, but this is different than being outside of my comfort zone.

Being outside of my comfort zone is usually uncomfortable, unknown, and unpredictable, which is what makes traveling outside of my comfort zone so unappealing.

I love how the author illustrates an experience of this in her own life by sharing a story that involved a friend. So often it is the little push from someone else that can propel us to keep moving forward, to take that step, or to just throw caution to the wind even when it defies human logic.

This chapter reminds me that when it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone, I really only need to take one step at a time. Often I think that looking at the big picture aspect of a challenge makes it seem even more overwhelming than it is to think about taking the first step.

I love recalling how I am often given only enough light for the step I’m on. I cannot tell you how many times I say that very thing to myself. But this chapter reminds me that even when things feel scary, unsure, and take me outside of my comfort zone, I am still safe.

I love this quote from page 142: “Sometimes our comfort zones are the walls that block us from God’s best in our lives. When we dare to step beyond them, we open doors to things we never thought possible.”

Then the best part comes next: “We grow. And our faith does too. Even when life is stressful or scary.” 

I think I might like that sentence the best out of the whole book!

Ok. These are my thoughts. I would love for you to share in the comments if you are reading along.

What truth(s) spoke to your heart most this week?!

Do you want to know more about the inspiration behind this post? It came from a chapter in the book we are reading as a community.

Even if you’re not along for the group study of this book, it is a book that I know you’ll love.

inspirational reads

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