When Your Load Feels Heavy…Your Weekend Inspiration 10/15

Did you read my newsletter this morning? It was all about the day I almost gave up and what ended up giving me the strength to push through. If you don't get my newsletters, just click on this link right HERE and join in next Saturday.  Grab your freebie while you're there, too. As someone who … [Read more...]

It’s a Contest – and YOU Can Win! ENDS TONIGHT!!!!

Who doesn’t love a contest, right? Especially when you can win something that is life-changing! I am all about contests, and as an overachiever, I often come out on top when I play along ;) I have just laid out my roadmap for this very blog for the next year, and there are so many exciting places … [Read more...]

The Heart of the Matter

I have been a mom for 16 years now and I am always amazed that I learn new things every day. As a mom of eight, I wonder who teaches whom more...me teaching the kids or the kids teaching me. Life as a mom can be so trying, tiring, and demanding, while at the same time it is so rewarding as well. … [Read more...]

Mom, You Are Not a Failure!

Are you feeling discouraged as a mom? Are you feeling overwhelmed as a mom? Are you feeling like a failure as a mom? Do you miss your "former life," the life before you had kids at times? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you are just who I wrote my book, A Realistic Action … [Read more...]

Do You Know What It Means to Be Humble?

Are you struggling? Are you being forced to face something you just don't want to? It is in times like this that we can choose to be humble, and in choosing to be humble we are really choosing to rise above the circumstances that threaten to hold us hostage. Will you be a hostage or an … [Read more...]

A Great Reminder

So many times the things we tell our kids are such great reminders for us, too, aren't they? This is one of those things, and I think if you're human you will agree that this is one of those concepts that is so much easier to remember than to actually execute. I think when we instigate something, … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote From Abe Lincoln

I think Abe Lincoln might be one of my favorite people. So logical, so to the point, so wise. This is kind of a deep thought, but there is so much wisdom here. Each day is full of new things for us to learn, but it is up to us to decide whether to learn from them or not. We choose whether to let … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote About Hearing the Truth

Hearing the truth. Something that is so hard, but something that is so good. Lately, I've been challenging myself to be completely honest with myself. To be honest with myself about my failings, my disappointments, and the fears that keep holding me back from the dreams I long to … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget!

Did you miss by Ebook when it was free? Don't forget, you can get the first three chapters for FREE by subscribing here if you haven't already done so! That way you can see how you like it. It's only $3.99 to purchase the whole Ebook if you decide it's a good fit for you. In addition, when you … [Read more...]

A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom

A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom is here! Even better, starting today, my book is FREE through Monday. If you are a mom who has struggled with feeling overwhelmed, struggling to juggle being a mom who stays home or a mom who works, battling depression, or wondering how to balance it … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote

If there is one thing I know to be true in my family, it's that things rarely go as planned. Whether it's pretzel salt all over the kitchen floor, my husband being scheduled with his school on his workday, or kids who throw up in the car, things never seem to work out the way we think they … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote From Thomas Edison

I love teaching school at home. It's not for everyone, I know, but I truly do enjoy it, at least most days. One of the cool things is coming across all these cool quotes right in their textbooks. We use the most amazing stuff for history and science. We came across this one in history the other … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote: The Heart of Intentional Living

Mass shootings, young men losing their battle to cancer, and a mom's son who has unexplained seizures on a daily basis are just a few of the things that have brought the reality of each day being a gift to the forefront of my heart and mind this week. Life is hard, struggle is all around us, and … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote For Today

As I get ready for my crazy busy Wednesday, I am reminding myself of this truth. Maybe you need it as much as I do. … [Read more...]

Inspirational Quote

[Read more...]