25 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Love

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With Mother’s Day just over a month away, I thought it would be good to cover those gift ideas that most moms I know would really enjoy getting. For the majority of moms, it is so much more about the thought than the actual gift.

Some of my favorite gifts are the homemade cards and gifts, which are truly priceless, but what about gifts that can only be purchased? What about those who are tight on time and limited on funds?

Following are some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank, yet the moms I know would love to receive. Of course not all moms are coffee or tea drinkers for instance, but there should be something here for everyone.

Here are some easy Mother’s Day gift ideas she’ll love!

mothers day gifts easy

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  1. Potted spring flowers, like some blooming tulips that can then be planted in the yard for next year
  2. Scented candle
  3. Soft slippers
  4. Fancy coffee or tea that can be made at home. For instance, if you have a Keurig, a tasty variety of k-cups
  5. Body spray
  6. Pretty scarf
  7. Journal
  8. If she loves to cook, a new cookbook with vibrant pictures. I love this one
  9. Gift certificates for everything from Amazon to Starbucks, to Target
  10. Favorite sweet treat – for me this would be chocolate covered strawberries
  11. Scented body scrub. This is my favorite
  12. Gift certificate for a massage
  13. A gift certificate for a pedicure
  14. Gift certificate a fun adventure like a place to paint canvas
  15. Nice bottle of wine
  16. Gift certificate to get her car detailed (this may be my personal favorite since everyone always trashes my car)
  17. Framed picture of a family memory from the past year
  18. Soft pajamas
  19. Necklace or other fun and inexpensive jewelry. Check out this mother’s pendant!
  20. Handy kitchen gadget
  21. New fancy sheets for the bed. I love these!
  22. Book from her favorite author
  23. Smelly bath salts
  24. Cozy throw blanket
  25. Coffee frother, like this one, so she can make easy lattes at home

Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas for gifts that can actually be purchased and found nearly anywhere if you are tight on time. In the days to come, I will post a life of more creative gift ideas for those who are looking to go the more homemade route, so if you are looking for those ideas, stay tuned.

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