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The New Mom’s Guide to Packing a Hospital Bag

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If you are going to be heading to the hospital to give birth, or you know someone who will, I have everything you need to know right here. If you are a new mom who will be heading to the hospital soon, this is just for you!

If there is one thing I have personally done several times, it is pack a bag to bring to the hospital to have a baby.

If there is one thing I have dealt with several times on a professional level, it is to help others pack a bag to bring to the hospital since I am also certified to teach childbirth classes. I always require my students to have this bag packed and ready to go four weeks before their due date.

Babies come on their own time schedule. You never really know.

But, here’s what every new mom needs in her hospital bag:


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One quick note:

When I was headed to the hospital to have my first, I threw in some of my pre-pregnancy clothes to wear home. This did not work out well, I was far from fitting back into them. Save yourself the tears and don’t do this silly thing. I thought that once the baby was born, my body would be back. Instantly.

Like I said, silly!

Following are the things I do like to take to the hospital with me, and these are the things I recommend to my students as well.

For during labor:

  • your own pillow
  • your own washcloth
  • hair ties to keep hair off your face
  • bathing suit top to wear in shower during labor
  • shower shoes…hospital showers are not the cleanest of placesawaiting-19037_1280
  • smelly lotions or oils (aromatherapy) for during labor
  • pain reliever for labor coach
  • snacks for labor coach – labor can take awhile
  • music for labor
  • warm socks
  • nursing bra
  • camera(s)

Mom’s bag for after baby is born:

  • pajamas
  • perfume
  • reading material
  • phone/tablet charger
  • toiletries
  • brush
  • makeup
  • going home clothes
  • going home shoes

Baby’s bag:

  • warm socksnew-born-702548_1280
  • blanket
  • outfit
  • going home outfit
  • car seat
  • cover for car seat
  • pacifier

Having a baby is such an exciting time. Although you will manage without taking anything with you, you will be so much more comfortable if you have these comfort measures for during labor as well as a few things to make you feel pretty after the baby is born.

I usually feel like I’ve been run over by a truck so every little bit helps.

From a mom who has done this seven times, these are the things I consider essential to have with me.

Having a baby is such a special time, and it is a great time to have a well packed hospital bag, too!

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