Has a Shirt Ever Made You Cry?

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Wow. I bring you deals from Cents of Style every week, but this one hits home for me in a big way. You know those moments when you see something that just sucker punches you in your gut and you’re left completely breathless, but in a good way?

When I peeked over to see what the deals were about at Cents of Style for today that is exactly how I felt. Let me tell you why. Actually, let me show you why.

cents of style 7:20

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See that shirt there that says, “Be Brave?” Yep. That’s my shirt. Well not really, but that’s the shirt I need right now.

My husband and I are gearing up for what we know is going to be a tough season, and I have been feeling so ill-equipped. I have been trying to muster up strength, courage, and faith, but these things have been in short supply.

I think walking blindly into a fire is one thing, but walking into a fire knowing just how bad that fire burns having been in that fire before is a different story entirely.


That’s my word.

I need some of that right about now.

And apparently I need that shirt, too.

I need that shirt for those days when I wake up feeling weak. I need that shirt for the days when I wake up feeling weary. I need that shirt for those days when I wake up feeling like I’ve walked through the fire the day before but need to walk back into it again….because those days are coming, lots of them.

That shirt. It made me cry.

If any of these shirts speak to you, you can get them by doing the following:

If you need to be reminded to be brave, maybe this is exactly what you need, too.

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