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A Homeschooling Mom Comes Clean

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As a homeschooling mom, can I just come clean with you?

I hate school buses. I hate school buses because for most moms, school buses mean freedom. Actually, it is only during the back-to-school time that I hate school buses.


School buses represent the one thing that homeschooling moms give up more than any other thing.


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Most times that I see school buses drive by, I am so thankful that I have my kids home with me. When I see kids standing out at the bus stop in the dead of winter in the dark of the morning, I love knowing that my kids are still upstairs, all snuggly and warm in their beds.

Most times when I see school busses, I am thankful that I live in a country where I am allowed to school my children myself. My children are all home with me all day every day, and most days, this makes me very happy.

Except for right now.

I see all the pictures of kids hopping on and off school buses all over Facebook. I read the status updates of the moms who are all feeling so relieved to have their freedom back.

They are moms who are going out with friends for coffee. They are moms who are finally able to take that yoga class. They are moms who are rejoicing in having their house clean all at once. They are moms whose homes look like a magazine spread compared to the tornado of computers, books, papers, pens, clothes, cups, food, toys, and junk that clutter my home every day. Every. Single. Day.

These are moms who can do this because they have that one thing I don’t.

These moms have their freedom.

While I realize that many of these moms still have younger children at home, the fact remains that they also have children who have been at home and now are not. While my load has gotten heavier, their load has gotten lighter. And right now, that feels really weighty on my shoulders.

Generally, I don’t mind giving up my freedom. However, right now, when my days are long and my days are hard, when my days are overflowing with lesson plans, grading, tears of frustration, taxi driving, and juggling the demands of homeschooling and being just a regular ol’ mom, I kinda do.

Right now, it is so hard for me to give up that freedom. Right now the thought of a little bit of freedom sounds really nice.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love homeschooling. I do know that homeschooling is the right choice for our family and for my children, at least at this time.

But. From a homeschooling mom’s heart to the hearts of those moms who have put their kids on these school buses, I just wanted to let you know that at this time of the year, I wish I were you sometimes. Right now, it’s really hard for me to see you in all your new found freedom.

And for you homeschooling moms, I would wonder how school buses make you feel…am I alone in longing for that back-to-school freedom?

Thanks for letting me come clean.

Thanks for letting me share with you that right now, this homeschooling mom dreams of coffee dates, yoga classes, and the ability to walk out of my bathroom without at least one of those little bits of toilet paper stuck to my feet while tripping over some sort of textbook a moment later.

And that peace and quiet? Sometimes I’d like just a little bit of that, too.

I say again, thanks for letting me come clean. Now, I am ready to tackle tomorrow, and then the next day, I’ll tackle that day, too.

And when I’m 80, maybe we can have a cup of coffee together 😉

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  1. I completely understand you and there’s nothing wrong with wanting freedom. I have been homeschooling for almost 10 years and what I do is to take the afternoons for me (naps, library on my own, Starbucks, thrift shop!! jaja, or just Pinterest time) while my husband is with them at the baseball practices. They have baseball games most of the weekends, but I don’t go to all of them because my husband is taking care of that part. My boys understand that I need time for me to recharge, do things that I like to do or to rest. They know I am always there for them. And I might think about that freedom like two times a year, but I don’t change it….but it is because I am looking for ways to have time on my own and do the things that I like to do (blogging, crafting, reading, etc.)
    Great post!

    1. It’s so awesome that you can balance some of the mom duties with your husband. I’d say about twice a year is how often I crave that freedom, too!

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